raspberry truffle protein POWDER and tart cherry energy DRINKS (fizz)

RASPBERRY TRUFFLE GOOD FOR: Well-being, Provides Energy, Curbs Craving + Muscle Support

TART CHERRY FIZZ GOOD FOR: Energy, Cognitive Performance, Endurance + Reducing Fatigue

Like comforting taste without the guilt? Like making protein balls? Try this new raspberry truffle flavour protein. Also a lover of yummy drinks/ trying to replace some wine + beer nights…Try some tart cherry 🍒 fizzy nights. Visit juliagodden.arbonne.com, order online anytime 😊 these are limited quality order asap.

Recipes to follow, just ordered some myself.

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Work from home opportunity

Be Your Own Boss

>You set your schedule, work wherever you want …

Determine your level of effort, whether working from your phone/meeting with prospective clients. A sure-fire way to flourish is being your own boss, Arbonne can help you do it! Our business model was built to empower, and I am here to offer the support you need to become one. Why now? The world is changing, work habits are reshaping, social businesses are growing, and wellness has become a hot topic.

>The business focus: Our MIND. BODY. SKIN.™ approach is more relevant than ever, and consumer demand for a holistic approach to health living is booming.

From looking and feeling our best inside and out to product safety and weight and stress management, Arbonne offers a comprehensive healthy lifestyle solution that looks at the whole person. Committed to clean products that deliver results, our unique business opportunity promotes transparency, sustainability, healthy living and a positive mindset, while offering a competitive earnings plan with global team-building opportunities. 

>Perks of this online business: No at home inventory/stock required. Items ship directly to client. Clients can order for themselves (you can choose to order for them).

Amazing training tools are provided to help you while you start and progress your business. It feels amazing to help people, you may just fall in love with the lifestyle yourself!

Want to be your own boss?


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For as little as $59, you can start building an Arbonne business that has the potential to transform your life, career, family and lifestyle.

*Pricing reflects CAD. Opportunity is only available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Australia and New Zealand. *Internet connection required to access business tools

work online from anywhere – follow your dreams – Business Opportunity for Healthcare Professionals or ENTHUSIASTS

Being a stay at home mom or dad, moving to the country (rural) & homesteading or sharing your passion of health & wellness can be your life (your reality). Tired of rushing all the time, want flexibility in your day, enjoy the idea of being your own boss and working from anywhere with an internet connection?

Because of the flexibility my business allows, I am able to spend more time doing the things I love. I am so grateful for being able to work when I want, where I want, and with the people I want to surround myself with. Like any business, it only works if you do, but with Arbonne, I get to do it on my schedule!

If this excites you! Sign-up to Become an Independent Consultant and join me here: http://JuliaGodden.arbonne.com or contact me via email to pieceandquietlife@gmail.com to learn more.

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Busy Summer

Hey there,

It’s been one busy summer so far! Hope all is well in your world.

I just finished my first 30-day KP program, started hunting again for recycled goods since Covid restrictions have started to lighten up and been meeting new people virtually that want to start their Arbonne journey with me.

I will be posting more frequently here coming up however feel free to follow me on my other pages/groups, based on your interest:

Holistic Living, Wellness and Sharing Arbonne:


Piece and Quiet – Vintage, Antique & Secondhand Pieces



INTERESTED IN JOINING THE 30-DAY DETOX PROGRAM? See all the details below. If you have any questions or want to join please send an email to kpdetox@gmail.com *Next program start date is in December 2021.

  • Are you suffering from a mild-severe case of KP or KPRF?
  • Are you feeling insecure? Or is KP lowering your self-esteem?
  • Have you noticed overtime the bumps & redness are becoming more and more visible on your face/body or do not seem to improve much?
  • Did you see your doctor/a dermatologist, and you are not sure where to turn after trying out their recommendations/prescriptions?
  • Do you feel you have tried it all (spent countless $$$) and just want to throw in the towel on your KP?


As an individual who has suffered from KP from age 15 (started earlier however I was not as aware of it), I have experienced what you have. I am now (age 35) on a self-created maintenance plan that has been developed after years of research & study and lessons learned. I have spent countless dollars on my own personal journey and want to help you avoid doing the same thing on only band-aid solutions.

Program details:

  1. One-on-One call/chat session with me (To discuss your specific area(s) of concern, diet, skincare routine and climate/living/environmental factors) on Facebook
  2. Plan Recommendation (Course of Action) & Package Confirmed – There are 3 levels of packages available, each will be established based on what skincare, nutritional and mind support tools you need
  3. An Overview on KP (at a basic and in-depth level) *Real Triggers, Misinformation (What KP is not), Common products/treatments that don’t really work and what really does work
  4. Coaching tailored to your needs (to tackle your symptoms head on
  5. Follow-up call and Maintenance Group access

Cost of 30-day program: Will differ/person (3 Tier pricing available, packages built on needs) Range for most clients is between $250-$450 for the 30-days. *40-day money back guarantee on any product (recommendation) purchases.


Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is a benign (not harmful) skin condition that presents itself as small, rough and bumpy skin that looks like chicken skin/goosebumps. It is most commonly found on the legs, upper arms but may also manifest on the face in the form of a natural blush called Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii (KPRF). The severity of the symptoms that people encounter varies. When I say not harmful (above) I am not speaking to the harm it does to ones self-esteem and mental well-being. I have some questions for yo


My healing and coaching philosophy: I believe in using an inside to outside approach that focuses on the individual. I apply animal cruelty-free products and plant-based solutions into my teachings where possible (I do eat meat, poultry & fish) but believe plant-derived products and habits integrate well into everyday living. I am a hobby farmer so I know a lot about what organic, non-GMO, gluten free and soy-free really means. I have taken many health and wellness courses which has aided in my education including completing several nutrition and beauty inside and out holistic health programs, cold therapy method training courses, meditation teacher training and wellness industry consulting which has allowed me to learn all about skincare industry ingredients, toxicity reporting and skincare regimens. I am also change management certified so understand how to implement life changes with beneficial transition while mitigating possible disruptions. I’m here for you.

Meet Julia, your KP coach