Tip of the week: Getting passionate about finding your passion

Unknown-2Sometimes by Thursday evening I need a little extra motivation to keep the momentum going. I get an energy surge by reading and came across this quote today:

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”

~Steve Jobs

It takes time to figure out what you love to do;

for me it’s discovering timeless pieces and sharing them with the world;

it is worth the wait once you know.

Once you know, I guess the next part is figuring out how to turn that love into part of your lifestyle whether it is integrated in your everyday work or spare time…





There’s a mouse in my house – Tips for keeping clean while digging deep

Over the past few years I have dived deep into barns, put myself through the “what was that I just touched test” and battled through wasps nests to find hidden treasures – this past weekend was the real…check what you get deal.

I got a free cabinet that I brought home on Saturday and what was in it you ask? Old dog food, utensils, dog toys, mouse poop and even…a really dead tiny mouse. I must have cleaned that thing for hours! It was luckily outside while I made this discovery so there is no mouse in my house but it was a close call.

When on the journey for free things remember these tips before while on the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt. There is no point of getting too dirty if you do not have to!

Inspect the exterior, interior and check the sturdiness of the object from top and bottom. Make sure you know all the flaws/faults of what you are bringing home. Always have the following dig deep items on you to ensure success:

-Gloves (work gloves for heavy duty lifting and cleaning gloves for that finer touch ability)

-Hand Sanitizer (for those you never know moments)

-Tie Downs & Bungie Cords (all shapes and sizes, stabilize your finds neatly don’t make charlotte’s web)

-Yoga mat (great for fragile finds like mirrors and keeps items cleaner and more secure during transport etc.)

-Measuring tape (will it fit or wont it fit in your vehicle? No sense doing all the heavy lifting if its not worthy)

– Screwdriver (with different bits in case you need to undo anything, this makes for a better put back together situation and your hands will get less dirty for many reasons ex. trying to undo greasy or rusts screws)

-Water (because searching and moving can be tiresome and you may need to use it to clean yourself in some way shape or form)

-Pen & paper or phone (to write addresses down if you need to go back for something or get homeowners details if they put something aside – allows you to drive off with less of a mess if you can go back for things you aren’t trying to jam pack your ride)

Have a blast next time you are on the road again.

Tip of the week – Turning your passion into a career or extra income earner

pizap.com14212145637061Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

Oprah Winfrey


It looks like I will be hitting the books starting next week even harder than I already do.

After much deliberation I finally pulled the trigger and enrolled at an institute to become a Certified Appraiser of Antiques & Collectibles.

The next year or so of my life may be full of an intense amount of studying but I believe when you are passionate about something you should “jump in” head first. The quote by Oprah Winfrey [above] is definitely true and really struck a cord with me – we gain power and excitement from doing the things that we love.

I have been told that it takes a ton of time and effort to turn a passion into a profitable venture [or career] and quite possibly this is true.

I plan on turning my passion into an extra income earner in the future and with this is mind have a few tips to stay on track [these ring true if you also want to turn your passion into a career]:

  1. Set aside a certain amount of time per week to work towards/or on your passion: It doesn’t matter what you are trying to accomplish whether it be writing blog posts or knitting sweaters – if you do not set aside the time, the tasks(s) won’t get done. Block time in your calendar [actually put it in your phone, computer, journal or whatever sticks by your side the most] or simply keep in mind when making plans for the week to keep a couple slots open for your “passion time”.
  2. Think about when you are most energetic and do your passion then: I personally know I get more accomplished in the evening hours so that’s when I work on my passion. Depending on your passion you may need a burst of creativity or extra spurt of energy. Really look at what your passion requires in terms of energy level and extras (ex. mood, skills etc.) and plan your passion around when these things are most prevalent.
  3. Remove distractions from your passion zone: If you have distractions in your household or wherever you do [partake in] your passion for a profit [or fun] make sure your eliminate them. You do not need to remove them all together only while you are working/diving into on your passion. Turn your phone off, ask grandma if she can watch Timmy or give the dog a bone. It is easy to give up or blame someone or something else for your non-productive day but really we are our own worse enemies when its comes to letting things get in the way.

Earning extra money while doing something you love isn’t impossible but it takes dedication. I will keep you posted on my adventure as I weave my way through it.

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Join the free chair club today!

IMG_2692Holy moly the past few days just flew by and I didn’t even have an antique show to attend to gracefully pass the time.

Some exciting news…

On my way to get winter tires today I noticed some curb-side chairs in the country. I pulled over and snagged these beauties for FREE.

I have noticed more so in the days working up to garbage day that there is tons to be found at the end of drive-ways. People generally put unwanted items out in advance of their night before pick-up date.

Quick trick – check your local garbage collection calendar for your neighbourhood pick-up days and others then plan drive-by’s accordingly.

One thing I prefer is if there is a sign by the discarded stuff that says “FREE” it definitely leaves nothing to the imagination -like is this thing up for grabs?

IMG_2694A question I have asked myself before is: Is it illegal to take from people’s curbside garbage? I think this is up for debate depending on where you live.

I believe once items are placed by the edge of the property they [people] are relinquishing their rights to them however with this being said I have door knocked to confirm If I can take something. Sometimes I even ask if they have anything else they want to discard. No shame here I am recycling!

The 1,2,3 of curbside raiding:

1. Check for a FREE sign before grabbing (Note: Sometimes people put things to the curb with actual price/for sale signs on them);

2. Look for the property owner and ask permission to take the item;

3. Plan your route in advance by checking garbage dates and oh yeah it doesn’t hurt at the end of a yard/garage sale to stop by -most times the unsold items hit the pavement as well.

Added bonus – when diving for treasures [antiques] don’t forget to check if it is real or fake.


Tip of the Week: Steampunk Fashion

ID-100104276Dear Fellow Fashion Lovers,

Last night I was chatting with a colleague when she suddenly told me, I could pull of Steampunk fashion. I instantly said who, what in the where now? She said steampunk – you know it’s funky and kind of Victorian. For a second I was thinking to myself…man I have not been hiding from the world of fashion but apparently I have not been down with the trends as of late.

I left the conversation on the note of army boots – apparently the mod version of this style consists of wearing some metal and heavy accessories.

On account of our brief chat I was feeling compelled [today] to read all about it. I couldn’t believe what I have been missing – a movement of entertainment meets clothing. The 6 Rules Of Steampunk Fashion gave me some good insight into the do’s and don’ts of this style.

What do I love about it?

I always wear used clothing so I feel like this is just up my alley -mixing historic pieces to make a strong statement.

There is not only history involved but some would say a little bit of fantasy. Get inspired by literature today and let this “look” be another excuse for you to buy some new vintage duds.

Steampunk fashion is a sub-genre of the steampunk movement in science fiction. It is marked by a blending of this period’s scientific romances in literature and the industrialization in most parts of Europe. The fashion ethics have been conceived with a post-apocalyptic era in mind. The first steampunk convention, “SalonCon”, was held in 2006. Steampunk fashion consists of clothing, hairstyling, jewellery, body modification and make-up. Steampunk fashion enthusiasts dress up to reflect a post-apocalyptic era. Modern steampunk fashion has seen the rise of gadgets and contrasting accoutrements.