Variety is the Spice of Life

IMG_6381It was such a beautiful day on Sunday that I couldn’t pass up taking a long random drive to an old passers’ by town along the highway.

I picked up my sister and less than 30 minutes later we arrived in Alfred, Ontario. We grabbed some lunch at IMG_6380the main resto bar which was booming, took a little stroll then winded up at a really jammed packed flea market.

There were lots of different vendors and everything from antiques to mr. or ms. fix-it items. It definitely isn’t a smaller space to wonder since the market is within an old Rona store. There are also items outside so you can’t miss it from the road.

I really enjoyed the variety and ended up leaving with a definite find of the month.

I will share this special gem in another post and provide some history.

If you are in the East end of Ottawa why not take a trip out to IMG_6375some of the smaller nearby towns? You never know what you will stumble across. Maybe a tiger in a bathtub, retro dresser or antique waterfall dressing table vanity…

I look forward to my next day trip and sharing it with you.

Have an amazing rest of week and I will be IMG_6374back on the weekend with an antique that moves with the wind.

In honour of Remembrance Day I thought I would share this quote:

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. 

-Cynthia Ozick

Always appreciate the history behind the pieces and remember the reason we are here today.

To Market, to Morrisburg

McHaffie Flea Market – Morrisburg, Ontario

Fall was in the air and there was no shortage of vintage and antique treats at this sizeable flea market.

Upon entering I was astounded by the number of vendors and sheer selection of merchandise. Speaking of selection, there were so many walking paths to choose from [left, right, up and down] that I didn’t know where to start. What is superior about the McHaffie market is they can accommodate many people indoors which is a definite plus from both a browsing & buying standpoint especially when there are drizzles of rain and a cool breeze outside.

I stopped at every indoor space at least twice throughout the day in order to give everything a good up and down. I must admit, I am a scanner so I usually only go where my eyes take me first. It usually works in my favor because I find things I adore quickly.

IMG_2544Where did my eyes take me first you ask? They took me to a praiseworthy spot which happened to be stall #26, run by Karin Steenge. She had a dazzling array of retro kitchenware, magazines and single home furnishings. A few things that stood out to me were these smashing [yet sturdy] rose wine glasses and a round, multi-colour over the shoulder purse. After leaving [for the second time] I actually regretted not buying all the wine glasses and an orange kitchen trolley cart she used to display objects. Her tasteful selection will make me a regular customer.IMG_2547

Down the hall and around the corner I went…

My mission of the day was actually to find a certain husband-and-wife-to-be a unique heirloom they can hold dear for years to come. I found a vintage gem [photo to follow soon] sitting in a display case at S & R Collectibles. It boasts hints of turquoise, orange and doesn’t lack luster. In case they [bride & groom] are reading this, the last thing I will say is it comes all the way from Czechoslovakia. I promise to share the full skinny on this gift found at booth #52 & 53 after October 10th, 2014.

My eye was definitely on the prize however after I found it [as noted above] I became drawn to an “Off the Wall” nook which was home to ceramics and some pretty colourful stuff. As people walked by you could tell they were digging all the bright colours of the German pottery and modern glass. Visit the Off the Wall site for more on their showpieces. On the same stretch I wasn’t surprised to see a boat load of military memorabilia, bottles, toys and some vintage jewellery. What I must say was lacking from this flea market was vintage and antique clothing as well as accessories. Though there were a few hats and a fur coat here and there, I could not find any boutiques that solely focused on this type of fashion. That is on my wishlist for my next visit.

I drowned my style sorrows in an amazing Oktoberfest meal from the canteen and rejuvenated my spirits across the hall [from the canteen] after I caught a glimpse of a really delicate and alluring serving plate [ornamental garden gourds were not included].

IMG_2548Now I am going to tell you to, Just Shut Up and Paint your home with some creative pieces designed by Andrea Brehl. She makes recycled goods look gorgeous and really puts her own spin on the vintage and antique pieces she touches. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making something a captivating contender again [via a lick of paint and some elbow grease] that might otherwise be overlooked.

To be frank, though there were items for sale in the great outdoors, I skipped the stands with the exception of the apple stand on the way out where I purchased a huge home-baked pie.

If you are looking for volume and quality – this market may be for you. Make your down to 5070 County Road 31 (Bank Street) and let Morrisburg, Ontario be your go to place for the best in retro, vintage and antiques. To market, to market, to buy …


October Adventures – McHaffie Flea Market -Morrisburg, ON

ID-10057861Good Evening Readers,

I spent over four hours checking out the McHaffie Flea Market today located in Morrisburg, Ontario. Only a few words describe my visit – Time well spent!

I made several trips to the car to drop off items, not only to make room in my bag but to ensure I didn’t break any of my new spine-tingling finds.

Come back tomorrow to hear all about my countryside discoveries.



Déjà Vu Abstract

Déjà Vu

834 Rue Saint-Joseph East
Quebec City, QC G1K 3C3

In my last post Déjà Vu -Yes Please I promised I would be back today with all the photos (and more details) from my retro shop visit.

We landed in Quebec City, dropped our bags off at the city centre Best Western hotel and immediately scouted the streets of the Saint-Roch area of town.

After searching through some clothing racks in trendy shops all taking part in the Québec Fashion Festival my friend spotted a neat looking furniture shop across the street.


As soon as I entered the store I felt right at home. There were a ton of retro items that were all given a new life and a fresh new look. I thought all the work that was done to the pieces was very tasteful and did not take away from the original character. I also got a few creative design tips along the way including how fun it would be to make a ladder shelf [photo in this post].

IMG_1939There were a ton of lamps in the store if you are longing for interesting lighting.

The shapes and sizes of all the objects for sale varied greatly which means there is a little something for every taste.

Pops of colour and geometric shapes filled the shop.

I was a huge fan of some of the seating in the store including a blue ornate couch [photo in this post] and some of the comfy yet contemporary chairs.

If you just want a nice decorative piece you are in luck! There were tons of smaller items (placed on the tables) to choose from.


The sales lady was delightful. P.S I do not believe they ship (purchased furniture) to the Ottawa area however you can always take your own little road-trip (4.5 hours from Ottawa-Quebec City) and bring home a little piece of heaven.

This week I will be sharing the full recap on my Quebec City adventures and artistic & attractive finds.

“Any great work of art revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world.”
– Leonard Bernstein in ARTNews, Sept 2000






Antique Day Trip – Hudson, Quebec

Take a Break Tuesday presents,

Time to take a stroll to Hudson, Quebec!

It was misty outside and antiques were on my mind. My friends and I were on our way to Montreal,Quebec a Saturday some time ago for some birthday festivities and on the way we stopped in a quaint town called Hudson. We took in the scenery, sites and stores.

Situated around 60kms West of Montreal and about 150kms East of Ottawa it is close by (or on route to) some major Canadian destinations.

If you have a day off and are looking to visit a new place – this tucked away gem is highly recommended by me. Not only is there a ton of impressive and interesting real estate to look at – there are a ton of cute shops and friendly folk.

1399094_10153518448805584_1966537845_oI personally enjoyed all the antiques at Ye auld curiosite boutique and the two floors full of history. On the same street a different take on antiques could be found at Hibou Décor 2 Barn Owls. This place seems quite selective and offers really intriguing “one of a kind” statement pieces. There is also a mystery red barn in the back that is used for select events.

Close by we entered a clothing shop called La Boutique Nova Hudson where we were greeting by three cheerful ladies and some really unique used clothing.

This town is a great walking town since a ton of the businesses are all on the Main Road-literally. Before you go make sure you check out the local business list so you can map your route and hit all the good spots.

Guess what? Finnegan’s Market is opening on May 3rd in Hudson – even more of a reason to visit. You will find many flea market type things at Finnegan’s and a slew of salivating worthy antiques.

Hudson was once voted one of the top places to live in Canada and after visiting I know why –  it is worth the gander.

Happy Hunting!