Vintage shows in the 613

It’s a busy weekend coming up for all things vintage in Ottawa, Ontario.

There is the Vintage Pop-up 613 taking place on Saturday (25th) and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday the 26th.

Quick dish:

The pop-up will have the following:

  • Books & vinyl
  • Furniture and Antiques
  • Games and Comics
  • Repurposed gift items
  • Toys & Collectibles
  • Vintage Clothing & Accessories
  • Housewares

The clothing show will have items such as:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Accessories
  • Jewelery
  • Designer Vintage

I hope you have a blast and make it out to both events. I have never been to the pop-up but will keep you posted on it.

Also, I just got back from the Ottawa Nostalgia & Collectible Show 2017 and can’t wait to show you what I found. Stay tuned by checking out my instagram feed on the blog.

Have an amazing rest of weekend.

Artistry was in the air – The Ottawa Antique Show Day 2 Recap

April 6, 2014

Elaine Barre -Jewellery Case
Elaine Barre -Jewellery Case

The crowds were thick today and the customers were happy. Artistry was in the air and I was loving it.

It was not long before I set foot in an enchanting display and was greeted by the welcoming Elaine Barre. The polished pendant that was my “buy of the day” yesterday at The Ottawa Antique Show was from her booth. Today I confirmed that it was from a previous Joan Rivers collection.

Elaine Barre -Stunning purses
Elaine Barre -Stunning purses

After admiring all the women’s accessoires including ritzy coin purses (pictured here) and learning of a local antique & vintage store I have to visit real soon called, Antique Hoarders, I was on my merry way.

The Curiousity Shop-Georgette Hat
The Curiousity Shop-Georgette Hat

Down the hall, The Curiousity Shop sparked my interest because of all the shiny objects that flanked their booth. On the back tables I could see some womens wear including a few hats. I wondered over and almost instantly bought this $4 Vintage Georgette labeled hat made of the Finest Imported Fur felt (Tchecoslovaquie).

Dorothy Bradley, the friendly vendor, mentioned the hat came from a sale in Westboro (Ottawa, ON) years ago. Right next door, I took a quick peak at some antique prints and maps.

Shortly after I landed at Pollikers Antiques featuring fine country furniture all the way from Greenwood, Ontario. The owner Gerry Marks was very informative and his Hoosier solid oak cupboard from Sutton, Ontario circa 1900 was the apple of my eye.

All of the items is his display had a very distinct look and a real homey feeling.

Pollikers Antiques -Cupboard
Pollikers Antiques -Cupboard

I always cherish the people that I meet at antique shows and the stories that are traded. It is just a bonus that I get to add some great new pieces to my own collection in the process.

I highly recommend checking out the upcoming Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show on April 13th. I heard through passing that some of the vendors from this past weekends Antique show may make an appearance there as well.

Hope to see you there!

(If you missed Part 1 visit: It spoke to me -Ottawa Antique Show Day 1 Recap)


It spoke to me – The Ottawa Antique Show Day 1 Recap

My new charm or necklace pendant

April 5, 2014 – It spoke to me! You walk down the aisle and in the distance spot that timeworn masterpiece. Your eye follows it until you arrive and get to hold it in your hands. It evokes imagination, resurfaces a childhood memory and triggers a flood of emotions, I gotta have it.

I was like a little kid in a candy store at the Ottawa Antique Show today. Aisles and aisles full of head turning, age-old gems. Bold Opera house seats, metal vintage coin purses, retro 50′s styled chairs, glorious glassware and similar showy items greeted me at every corner.

What stuck out in my mind? A striking linen chest at Conversation Pieces made of camphor wood that projected craftsmanship galore. In many asian cultures fragrant camphor has been used as a moth repellent and popular incense fragrance. Just a short walk away from this conversation piece…

Daff Designs reinvigorates the stylish vintage radio by making enhancements such as installing new speakers for optimum sound or adding a bangin bluetooth component. The Roland Pantina BlueTooth Radio and Vintage Montgomery Ward Airline Radio both caught my attention. Before you dance the night away…

Prepare what you wear! Feast your eyes on the knock out vintage apparel and glamorous adornment. Pair a pendant with a priceless black and white printed party dress. Like a moth to a flame (or clothing) I am sure you will be drawn to that one special treasure for me…

The pièce de résistance was this little token I took away from the day. The character and bird sold me at first sight. I will be back for Day 2 of the sale. Take in the sights tomorrow (Sun. April 6, 2014 10am-5pm) and find your own piece of nostalgia.