A Piece & Quiet Life

IMPORTANT BIZ NEWS: A Piece and Quiet life to me is when all the pieces in ones life come together. When you find both a calm & deep satisfaction in all areas of your life and the things that surround you. I started the store last year with a burning passion for recycled, quality goods (with a history) and I wanted to tell you,  I am going to maintain the store in an online fashion. I have felt a deep void over the past six+ months having stopped sharing sentimental pieces with you.

Starting now, I will post my steal-of-a-deal finds more frequently and I can deliver to Russell, Embrun, Metcalfe, Kenmore, Vars and within 5 kms of those areas. *otherwise pick-up in Kenmore is an option. Come along for some crazyyyyy antique & vintage adventures.

I also want to share something really near and dear to me. About a year ago I started trying some health + wellness products (Arbonne skincare, makeup, nutrition and wellness items) and I am so in love, I want to share them with you. They have truly changed my life, habits and skin for the better. Whether it’s sports nutrition, a baby line, stellar mens’ line, makeup or personal hygiene finds, I can help you find what your looking for.

Their pieces have allowed me to become a better me (while buying stuff I need and would have bought anyways so no change to my pocket book) and that make less of a harsh impact to the planet. Join me on this health journey: Fueled & Fabulous with Julia

Don’t worry with all this above, I will still have quite the personal touch but this time with some hand sanitizer and gloves on hand 

Still pickin and now an Arbonne consultant

Miss you and look forward to chatting with you again.




Dear Friends,

When you are grateful – when you can see what you have – you unlock blessings to flow in your life. ~Suze Orman

I am super happy to be a new business owner in the heart of Russell, Ontario. I was sitting here after dinner tonight thinking that I can’t believe what has transpired over the past month. Time surely does fly when doors are opening and you are putting your heart & soul into each and every move you make.

After I am finished my antique and collectibles course in March I will be storytelling a lot more on here and blogging as I was before. For the next few weeks I will solely focused on saving items from the landfill and bringing old school quality items back, one piece at a time.

I hope you can make it out to see me real soon. Check out this lovely article on the shop. I appreciate the time Tom Van Dusen took to write this beautiful piece.






It’s holiday time!

Holiday Hours are on & so is the Record Player! I hope to see you.

P.S: Pop by the store this week (during open hours below) and put your name in the Piece and Quiet holiday draw for a “perfectly you prize”. I will hand-pick something for the winner based on their style. The winner of the draw will be announced on the 25th. *one entry per person, one winner for the contest 

MON (17): 4pm-8pm Erykah Badu will be on for Bohemian Night *Come check out the meditation & boho gear I am carrying from Nepal & from my travels.

WED (19): 7pm-9pm Wine Wednesday = you will find fun wine themed gifts/items for you on the floor *The Temptations & Def Leppard will be the music to your ears plus a surprise musical guest

FRI (21): 5pm-9pm…Elvis Night Out – only Elvis will leave the building late, if people shop longer 

SAT (22): 11am-2pm Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath lovers time

SUN (23) 4pm-8pm Relax and shop to Elton John & Blood Sweat and Tears

MON (24):11am-2pm Surprise sounds musical Monday

TUES (25): Closed

WEDS (26): Hours being confirmed

Also – if you do not find something put your name & # in my finds book and I will source what you are looking for.

Cheers ~ Julia