A Dogs Breakfast? Not with this Vintage Wrinkles Dog Tray!

Once a year, I get ready for this one sale. I clear the calendar as soon as my local newsletter tells me this sale is a go. It’s a country sale where you pay $10 to get in but you can take whatever you want. Also known as the best day ever!

Kid in a candy store type emotions and looks fill the room. Surprisingly this isn’t like Walmart on Black Friday, people aren’t greedy, however they definitely move swiftly especially those grabbing the electronics.

It was the BIG day and the first thing I grabbed was two retro 1980’s Wrinkles dogs trays (1981, 1984) by Ganz a Canadian toy company that currently appears to focus on heritage collections.

Even though I was born in 1985, these trays called out to me, I totally remembered these dogs. These trays brought me back to a time when my parents would set-up the TV tables and we would eat dinner while watching The Simpsons on a Sunday night. These metal TV trays have a nice stand which is totally handy.

The trays are more rare than the stuffies and a pair in good condition could fetch likely $60 though it really depends on finding the right buyer. Wrinkle dog stuffed toys and puppets are still around and sell for around $25-$30 each.

Wanna have a smile? Check YouTube for a 1980’s Wrinkles Commercial, its THE BEST. Whether you like toys, hounds or history this find is just a joyful treat for ones lap.

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

~Mark Twain

Weekend Recap – Killer leather chairs!


Monday – is my least favourite day of the week, I must say…I just hate it. Everyones’ in a rush, works busy as f*ck and rush hour seems to be 5x worse than usual.

Via this post, I am going to put a positive spin on Mondays and say it is what you make it and I am going to make it awesome.

I cracked open some wine, made breakfast for dinner and played in my head how freakin wicked the weekend was because I picked up some sexy wood (featuring leather) chairs.

I paid $10 for these bad boys (or girls) at a garage sale on the weekend. It was hella cold but worth it as the sale had some noteworthy things. Chairs are pretty plentiful these days [in my life] however these ones really stood out.

I was told they were antique, though I would say that they are more circa 1940’s. They have Spanish styling and appear to be made of Venadillo Wood. Based on my research and what I have seen on the market, they are from either Columbia or Mexico. I will keep you posted if I learn anything more on them.

I hope you turn that Monday frown upside down and have an excellent evening. My glass of wine is now finished but the jazz is still playing.

Find of the Week: Antique Desk Chair on the side of the road

IMG_2308Hiya Readers,

It’s Sunday and time to share this weeks…

Find of the Week

I found this solid wood chair on the side of the road in Navan, Ontario yesterday evening. We drove by it and quickly did a turn-around to check it out. The chair appears to date back from the turn of the 19th-20th Century.

It has a formal look and some character for sure. It would fit well in a lawyer/legal office or court room. I checked out the value of this sort of chair online and they retail between $150-295 if they are in good condition.

As with most furniture, it’s value is also based on where it came from (who owned it previously) and who made it. In some instances you will find a marking or something that can assist you with figuring out the history behind it (the chair) on the bottom of the chair.

A few details or items to consider:

  • Solid and heavy: This kind of chair is not light and there are a ton of moving/working parts below in some of these designs. Some of these chairs swivel and/or tilt. Newer models may have wheels on the legs.
  • Condition: If they are in good shape they shouldn’t have any cracking. The wood should be smooth. Normal fading of the finishing/wood is normal.
  • Comfort: The chair is surprisingly comfy. I thought the shape of the seat was pretty cool.

If you find one these chairs on the side of the road – PICK IT UP.



Find of the Week: Chinese Copper & Brass Dragon Teapot & Ashtray (May 12, 2014)


Hey Readers,

In a recent “Find of the Week” photo I shared a few pieces I came across in early May (seen to the left).

I was strolling down Elgin Street (close to Somerset Street) in Ottawa when I decided to hit up a used store (St. John’s Community Store) that I used to frequent back in the day when I worked in the area. This store is a hidden gem!

The first thing that caught my eye was a country classic blue and white vase (which I purchased) and on the way out I noticed a unique teapot and ashtray. I back tracked, looked at the two pieces for a full five minutes and said why not grab them.

The Chinese dragon teapot is early-mid 20th century and boasts ornate detailing as well as copper and brass. I enjoy a cup a tea here and there and thought this was fun-ky. Tea originated in China in the 16th century and was mainly used for medicinal purposes. In later years (17th century) it became popular in Britain and eventually gained stamina in India. I found the history of tea quite fascinating. Once I buff this sucker up I may sit down and enjoy some green tea.

I was curious as to resale value so went on the hunt. The same teapot with lid in working order is selling between $80-$110 online. It is a pretty unique object but needs to be in good working condition to hold it’s value -like anything.

The ashtray that I found with the teapot though similar in looks and materials does not feature any dragons on it but has other animal faces on it. Could it be a Yak – the official animal of Tibet? I am unsure!

The smoke tray was (and is) way more difficult to decipher. What I do know is that it would fetch between $35-50 based on some comparable items I have seen.

Did you know ashtrays only made friends with our coffee tables in the 20th century? I was surprised by this as I guess I was thinking there were commonly used in the way earlier years. I don’t smoke but have friends and family that do so I think I should keep this. Its way better than having them improvise with a Pepsi can.

I grabbed these two items for $6 in total so at the end of the day would say I learned a ton and gained a little – since this are going to be sitting on my shelf.

Come back tomorrow for my rundown of the G.G.G – Great Glebe Garage Sale.


Find of the week: Vintage (1987) Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus King Tusk Elephant Plush Stuffed Animal (April 28, 2014)

IMG_1909A little background on a Wednesday evening…

I came across this Vintage (1987) Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus King Tusk Elephant Plush Stuffed Animal in my dad’s garage.

It currently retails online between $15-$30 depending on the condition of the stuffy.

King Tusk is deemed [today] as the “The Crown Jewel of India.”

Elephants are my absolute favourite animal so it instantly grabbed my attention however to be frank I am not a huge fan of the circus these days.

When I was a little kid I remember going to the circus once when it came to the Ottawa area. A neighbourhood boy that had a little crush on me took me with him and his parents. I recall a lot of lights, action and blushing. IMG_1910

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus® has been around for many decades touring around America. Though the circus is still around and has been for many years I do not see a ton of collectibles these days which is why I thought I would share this piece (more detail on my previous find of the week) in a post.

Some other Ringling collectibles include mugs, decals, posters and peanut & popcorn bags.

While on the topic, I recently heard about the human chandelier “hairialists” accident involving nine performers in Rhode Island during a Ringling Bros performance – I wish them a speedy recovery.