The time has come to shop til you drop
The time has come to shop til you drop
Antiques, vintage, retro and loads of amazing finds all at one market, in one gigantic room.

This event is going on today (April 2, 2016 from 10-5pm) and tomorrow (April 3 from 10-4pm) in The Fieldhouse at Carleton University located at Bronson Avenue and Sunnyside Avenue (University Drive).

Visit the event website for more.

Just letting you know so you make some time this weekend to pay a visit and share this event with friends & family.

Have an amazing weekend!

30,000 sq./ft. of FABULOUS!

what does the word meanAntique, Vintage and Retro all in one glorious room, the time has come to ignite your shopping buds.

The countdown is on to the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market and I am getting my walking shoes ready, for me this happens to be my three-inch heels.

The market will be held at the bright and spacious Carleton University Fieldhouse located at Bronson Avenue and Sunnyside Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario.

The dates and times are this Saturday (March 21) from 10am-5pm and Sunday (March 22) from 10am-4pm. If there is one thing I love more than one-day events, it is certainly two-day events!

It is a good move to grab cash before you go as admission is $10 cash only at the door and parking is $3.00 at a Pay & Display. There is an ATM at the venue in case you are in need. Don’t forget to bring an environmentally friendly shopping bag [or two, or three] so you can easily carry all your finds.

Come on down and check out what 30,000 sq./ft. of FABULOUS looks like.

For a recap on my experiences at last years show do not forget to read; It spoke to me – The Ottawa Antique Show Day 1 Recap and Artistry was in the air – The Ottawa Antique Show Day 2 Recap.

Happy Hunting!


Show and Tell

pendalumHibernating? It’s time to awake from a deep slumber, get ready for the birds to start singing and snow to start melting…the shows are coming.

I was sitting back today and recalling memories of when I would have “show and tell” at school. Now this was quite a while ago and though I do not remember every detail, I remember how I felt. The night before I would pick out what I was going to bring in and in this specific memory it happened to be my pet hamsters, Elvis and ???? [I can’t remember the girls name]. I cleaned their cage, combed their silky fur with my barbie comb and was so excited to show them off to my friends.

I walked into class the next day and was swarmed by the affection of my classmates which was directed at my furry friends. Then came my version of a “hamsters life” story which consisted of me mentioning their never ending spins on the running wheel, litter of hamster babies and how they would often be scared because we had three cats at home. The boy I had a crush on at the time asked me if he could play with them and I said sure meanwhile instantly thinking he was my soulmate.

It feels like this moment was just yesterday even though it was 23 years ago.

When we show and tell we are essentially sharing something with others that we think to be of great value. It makes our eyes light up when we speak about it and puts us into a happy haze. I realized this evening that show and tell is a big part of why I love antiquing and fishing for vintage gems. I enjoy showing them to the people I care about [or in some cases do not even know] and telling the story behind their existence.

There are many beautiful things to see in this lifetime so why not show and tell a little more?

Looking for a little show and tell yourself? Why not check out the Ottawa Antique and Vintage Market (March 21-22,2015) and the The Ottawa Vintage Clothing  Show April 19,2015 – I am sure you will see some amazing things and hear some amazing stories.



Why Sundays Rock! Collectible and Nostalgia Shows…

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I adore Sundays! Why you ask? It is the day of the week where I feel content with doing nothing [at all] but end up doing something quite random.

On Sundays I don’t care when I awake, leave the house or when I return.  With that being said it is usually never past 7pm [the hustle and bustle of the week catches up with me] unless there is a drink or two involved.

There is yet another reason to favour Sunday as it is the day of the week when groovy vendors come out of the woodwork and amusing antiques and vintage masterpieces make an appearance. I am starting to see a comeback in the number of Collectible and Nostalgia shows taking place on Sundays.

Speaking of which, I just got wind of a monthly collectibles show taking place in Pembroke, Ontario. Looking for your own little piece of nostalgia?

Pepsi items, Baseball Cards, Beanie Babies, Comics, Magazines, Movie stills and more can be found at show. It is time for a fun Sunday day trip to check it out!

WHEN: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2015, FROM 10:00AM – 4:00PM


How will you know when you have arrived at the event?  Just watch out for the life-sized Darth Vader road sign. Best thing of all it is free admission. For more details visit the show website:

If you know of any top notch Sunday antique, vintage or collectible shows coming up in the Ottawa-Gatineau area (or elsewhere in the world) contact me and I will post it up for everyone to see.


Photo Source: Photo by artur84 from


Gripping Goods at this year’s Ottawa Antique Show

The Colourful Curiosity Shop!
The Colourful Curiosity Shop!

Magnetic minds, arresting adornments and a sheer volume of supply – what more could a girl [or guy] ask for?

I stepped into this years antique show with an open mind even though I have gone in years passed. I always like to go to events with a fresh perspective and no expectations. I approach most things in life with this same viewpoint.

I must say every vendor continually steps up to the plate with refreshing trinkets and thought-provoking keepsakes. It is a new and thrilling hunting experience every time I attend the Ottawa Antique Show. I attended this years show on Saturday [October 25] at noon.

The first booth I stopped at I call, “old faithful” I always find something tré cool at The Curiosity Shop. The man and woman that represent this space are both colourful and chummy. I am not a huge fan of vibrant purses but this clutch squawked – BUY ME. It is from Monsoon Accessorize a company from London that has been in business 40 years. This purse is between 10-13 years old.

Just a hop away my friend, Jackie grabbed this vintage helmet bell also know as a 1950’s English Bobby Bell. This item is a London ER metropolitan police figural find. It was a popular British officer English souvenir/gift. You can ring my bell, ring my bell or maybe find another bell at Elaine Barre’s booth next time where we [she] found this one.

Bell from Barre
Bell from Barre

We drifted down the hallway and came across Henry & Carol Milberg who greeted us with a smile and a bountiful of knowledge. My friend instantly snagged some old school clothes pins from them and a New York World’s Fair souvenir dish circa 1961-63. In the top right corner the dish says 1964-1965 which is when the fair was held in NYC. I did some reading and it sounded like one impressive fair.


These country antique dealers [Henry & Carol] had some pieces unlike anything else including some adorable vintage wooden blocks and a plethora of keys.

They put Elginburg on the map for me which is just a short distance from Kingston, Ontario. Speaking of Kingston, I am taking a trip out there in the next month or so to check out the antique scene. I can’t hardly wait! Come back in November to hear about my day trip.

Looking for FabFinds? If so, you should connect with Annette Facette a collector of many things including a special wooden apple ice box and some really cheery 40’s, 50’s and 60’s pieces. Her table had a vast array of retro kitchenware and home décor. Visit her FabFinds blog for more.

Option # 2 is you can take a drive out to the Almonte Antique Market which is open daily [10am-5pm] and can be found at 26 Mill Street in Almonte, Ontario. You should find some of Annette’s finds there as well as some local dealer discoveries.

I dashed around the show next in search of a gift for my bestie. I usually buy gifts way way in advance of a birthday however I knew this event was coming up and I would have a chance to get something extremely distinct for her. I ended up finding a 1940’s sterling silver necklace with a shocking green glass pendant. I did not take a photo of it since it was a surprise and is something just for her. I purchased it from a nice man named Joe.

The astonishing apple or "fab find" from Annette Facette
The astonishing apple or “fab find” from Annette Facette

If any of you attended the event on the Sunday I would love to hear your feedback on how it went and what you found.

The show this year had conversation pieces, artistic objects and a variety of items from different decades. I did not end up finding a mirror large enough for my bathroom [its a big space to fill] but that’s okay because I left the show with a killer purse.

I also plan on attending the upcoming Ottawa Vintage Show to find the fascinator [headband] of my dreams. Come back soon and don’t miss a beat in the world of vintage and antique.

A few things from Henry & Carol Milberg
A few things from Henry & Carol Milberg
Annette's array of household items
Annette’s array of household items