Flooding in Ottawa, Garage Sales & Wet Weekend Woes

I just put down the hammer for a few minutes to write this post. I am building a boat “an Ark” that me and my animals can use perhaps at some point this weekend. Noah and I aren’t friends, so I can’t call him up and I believe you should always be prepared.

Ottawa, ON is getting hit with more rain and has already been hit pretty hard. The river on my property is the highest its been in years and my dad lives near another river which is slowly swallowing the land around it. Flooding is scary and being someone who has experienced a flood in my basement only (which was terrible enough) I feel the need to talk about this a little…flush it out

Not only is garage sale season a.k.a. the best time of the year to grasp vintage & antique finds being delayed & shortened due to the weather but it’s got me thinking about the environment. I’ve seen a drastic change in the weather even over the past 2 years…

  • Crazy ass wind and stronger storms! My trees are all broken, breaking or falling over on my property!
  • One hot summer last year and a record hot summer for some areas (good for peppers in my garden, not so good for lettuce)
  • Large amounts of rainfall right now and flooding all over the place
  • One-day nuts snowfall records

Global warming, climate change or a coincidence – call it what you will but something is up. In an effort to save our planet or do what I can to make a difference, I am turning it into high gear fellow vintage & antique friends.

Here are some small things one can do to make a difference:

  1. Buy used clothing ONLY (get on the vintage bandwagon with me or get some nearly new finds at thrift stores) – Fast fashion as they call it is causing mega problems. Clothing ends up in the trash in astronomical amounts and due to the way most clothing is made it does not compost/biodegrade properly.
  2. Repurpose furniture, purchase used furniture ONLY or properly recycle your belongings When items are manufactured (created, shipped etc.) they create some sort of emissions and when you buy stuff second-hand you are cutting that out to some degree. You are also using something for a longer duration (extending its lifespan) which is great! You can also feel good because you are saving landfill space & perhaps saving some trees going this route. I am only going to buy used! I am only going to bring my unwanted items to a thrift store or give away- on Kijiji Free.
  3. Cut down on my meat intake (LESS MEAT TO EAT) I did some immense reading after a horrible fishkill in my river and found out Cow poo poo is more of a threat to the environment these days than car pollution. I love me some beef but I eat it way too much – I over consume and as a whole we (the world) over consumes. Everything you see around suggests take a bike to work, carpool blah blah blah (which yes will help too and is great) but I discovered livestock contribute more to our earths destruction than cars currently do. Perhaps this is up for debate but the latest facts don’t lie!

I personally love antiques & aged clothing because I find the quality much better, they are original and I do feel they contribute to a greener earth. I hope to share some of my thrift store & garage sale deals with you all very soon, in the meantime try to stay dry. If I spend this weekend indoors I may just go stir crazy thinking about if this rainfall warning is part of a bigger problem – I need to care (and do) more about.

My thoughts are with those dealing with Flooding (Floods) in Ontario, Québec and abroad.


The Free Files – Glam, Bam and thank you ma’am


This week proved to be very fruitful and allowed me to furnish the few remaining nooks and crannies in my home for zero dollars. It feels really good to give all this furniture and decorative bits a new home.

If you want to fill your home with gently used gems for little to no cost

try the following (below) I have also included some of my random tips as well:

  • Check your local classified (buy & sell) websites and browse the free section often.
  • Leave your laptop/computer open all day long on the weekends (when you are on the free page) and hit refresh button ever so often. You really have to be on the ball (or the mouse) to be the chosen one – the person who emails or calls the owner first.
  • Before emailing the owner/seller make sure you check to see the location of the item first. Sometimes you may spend more money in gas and time than the item is worth. *Schedule a few pick-ups in one night and plan your driving (stops) accordingly.IMG_5094
  • Make sure your vehicle (or a friends vehicle) can safely and securely transport the item(s) to you. It does not hurt to ask for measurements if you are unsure.
  • Be sure that you can lift the item and it will fit in your home. There have been times when I have needed to bring my own dolly since the item was way too heavy or could not get it upstairs as easy as I had hoped.
  • Lastly when you are on your merry way to pick something up (free or not)- always tell someone where you are going (send them the address and name of person) or keep a record of the person’s details in your email. You never know who you are meeting right? If you are getting used vintage clothing it is always good to meet at a coffee shop or somewhere public. You can buy a coffee and try the items on in the bathroom there.

IMG_5146IMG_5147What did I snag this week?

This really old chair and ottoman. I was told it had been re-covered within the past 10 years and had made its way through the family tree. The elaborate woodwork and legs (see photo at top of post as well) made me smile and it is actually super comfy. My cat has already claimed this as her new puuuurrrrfect spot.

The next lady was on the move and could not fit this ornate 70’s dresser  (seen above) into her new place. It sure is solid and I fancy the mirror. It also has those really handy pull out sock drawers.

Lastly I came across a really big picture frame (seen below) which I thought would fit this jazzy photo. It sure did!

If you like getting free things or buying used items check out my past tip of the week – how to become a great picker.

if you are a seller and want to know more about selling check out how to sell vintage, antiques and more like a pro.


Have a great rest of the weekend and come back real soon for more on records, vintage clothing and my latest furniture finds.





Mixing Old & New

IMG_2322Let’s talk style on a Friday,

When buying things at garage sales I always look to mix & match with what I already have. I strive for a mix of old & new.

In this photo [left] you can see that my robin egg blue desk is a little newer so I decided to pair it with an older charming chair. This was the desk I mentioned in an earlier post I got for only $5. I was really stoked about that!

When visiting some family members in Newfoundland I was given a white doily table runner from my great aunt. She passed away recently so it will always remind me of her. I placed this on the desk. IMG_2355

Above the desk you will find hand painted [they have a butterfly on them] framed feathers. My dad brought this over the other day and I thought it hovered nicely over the desk.

My couch is quite modern, I specifically bought it so I would have an extra place for someone to sleep if they came over. Beside this new age couch I added my small vintage table and lamp seen below. It adds a pop of colour.IMG_2354

I love to decorate a room – from the furniture to the objects to the books.
-Aerin Lauder

I am a huge fan of small decorative tables. They are just so handy and always has room for a little something decorative on top. I cannot easily count how many small tables I have.

Lastly I have an IKEA shelf [I do not usually get things from stores] where I house all of the books I am reading at a given time as well as a select few of my fav vintage pieces.IMG_2353

Everything in this room so far is second hand with the exception of the lamp on the desk. GO RECYCLING! The best part is this entire room couch included cost me very little to fully furnish. Where were my biggest scores?

-Garage Sales are #1 (Desk, Yellow Lamp, Green Table $14)

Consignment #2 (Décor in Shelves $40.00)

-Online Purchases #3 (Couch $150.00) 

-Free #4 (Chest found curbside, Wall Photos and Select Decor)

-Store #5 (Ikea Shelf $79.99 and Lamp $20)

I still have some work to do but this place is coming along. Before you mix it up don’t forget to read my past article on How to Decorate Smart with Older Furniture and Home Accessories.






True Vintage and Antique Design Inspired: Before and After Coming This Summer

shopsmartTwo months ago I was posting an article a day and I promise I will get back to posting more often again real soon.

Over the past month I have been selling my home and trying to find a new one (and move in) before July 17th. The good news is mine is sold firm now and I have a conditional sale in on a new home, the bad news is it’s a power of sale so I am trying to not get too attached in case the deal falls through.

So why am I sharing all of this with you may ask? My plan is once I get into my new place to do a full “Before” and “After”.

The house is vacant – just bare bones so I am excited to show you how if you are a “true bargain hunter” you can furnish and finish a home while spending very little. This will include the outdoor spaces as well. I do not have much of a green thumb but I definitely known a little can go along way when it comes to the great outdoors.

It will be a 10 part series since there are quite a few rooms in need of a little (or a lot) TLC.

My (hopefully) new home has a drive through garage to the backyard. Now I can drive my “one day” small pickup truck through to the yard -and drop my finds right on the patio area where they need to be to get a little face lift and touch-up.

I remember sharing in a past post Part 2: Key Antique Objects Made from Animals and Plants that my last residential home was full of vintage art items from Africa. I loved the style, there was something so adventurous about the colours, patterns and materials. I came across this quote today which I wanted to share:

With its bold forms, with its instinctive rhythms, and with its expressiveness, African art indicates dialogue, and speaks to me of an art rooted as much in logic as in the unconscious, in which imagination explores the origins of myths. It is the same imagination that gives rise to “forms more real than nature”.
– Jean-Willy Mestach, artist and art collector, 1995

This quote explains the reason I enjoyed the African influence so much. Time to see what vintage and antique styles take over this new home.

Visit this blog often or follow me and I promise, You Won’t Miss a Beat in the World of Vintage & Antique.