Vintage shows in the 613

It’s a busy weekend coming up for all things vintage in Ottawa, Ontario.

There is the Vintage Pop-up 613 taking place on Saturday (25th) and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday the 26th.

Quick dish:

The pop-up will have the following:

  • Books & vinyl
  • Furniture and Antiques
  • Games and Comics
  • Repurposed gift items
  • Toys & Collectibles
  • Vintage Clothing & Accessories
  • Housewares

The clothing show will have items such as:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Accessories
  • Jewelery
  • Designer Vintage

I hope you have a blast and make it out to both events. I have never been to the pop-up but will keep you posted on it.

Also, I just got back from the Ottawa Nostalgia & Collectible Show 2017 and can’t wait to show you what I found. Stay tuned by checking out my instagram feed on the blog.

Have an amazing rest of weekend.

EXPORT ‘A’ KINGS Golf Moustache Cup

IMG_5153Dear Readers,

I have been attending a ton of estate/content sales more recently and as mentioned last weekend was on the hunt specifically for clothing and accessories.

I ended up hand selecting about 10 Rubbermaid containers full of vintage & retro stuff. Everything from ties to one piece jumpers. Which you will see soon…

I barely even glanced at antique furniture or tantalizing trinkets but did find this one piece that really captivated me. It is a little piece of tobacco advertising history – an Export ‘a’ Kings Golf Moustache [or Mustache] Cup.IMG_5155

A moustache cup will have a semi-circle (half moon) ledge inside the cup. In and around the 1860’s this type of cup/mug was created to keep mens moustaches dry while sipping beverages.

When I purchased the cup the lady mentioned it was a shaving mug. Shaving mugs were used in the Victorian times. Shaving mugs did often have a divider wall but it was usually located mid way through the mug. You would also see little water draining holes on shaving mugs. Moustache cups are regularly mistaken for shaving mugs.

I purchased this cup for $20 with a bunch of other things so I would say paid around $3 for it. These cups/mugs have become quite collectible and if in great shape can sell between $25-45 dollars online.

IMG_5154I will have wonderful dreams tonight [I am loaded up on cold medicine right now] thinking about the time and place this cup was first used.



2015 – The Revival of Vinyl Records?

IMG_2987Dear LP (Long Play) Lovers,

A few days ago I read a brief CBC article and tuned in for a video report about how vinyl records are making major comeback with Canadian music lovers.

I believe this statement (in bold above) to be true but I do not think the revival of LP’s will only be thanks to Canucks alone.

In 2015 I think we will see many music fans in many parts of the world pick up a record for the first time in decades or in their lifetime.

In recent months a few of my friends got record players and at the last few garage sales I held, I had a quiet-spoken teenager [or two] approach me with one question and one question only…

Do you have any records?IMG_2988

As second hand shopping and reaching into grandma’s closet for that “original” item become even more popular so will trying old music on for size.

Collectors want that rare album of their favourite band and awesomely scarce sound. What is having the band t-shirt when you don’t have the retro rock album to go with it?

I know of a few restaurants today that let you pay and play from an old jukebox machine and people freak-in adore it. I am calling it now that records will have a HUGE comeback in 2015.

IMG_2986In early December my closet became home to three boxes of records which I will reveal to you in the three part series coming in January that I like to call…

What musician is hiding in my closet?

Before we jump head first into my boxes of records don’t forget to brush up on my previous Tip of the Week- How To Examine Vinyl Records Before Buying and past weekly jam Musical Mondays: Catchy and Collectible Vinyl Records.


An Episodic Weekend Full of Tonka, Brass and Spittoons

IMG_2410Man were there ever dark clouds in the sky this past weekend…

but I felt like the sun was shining down on me.

I headed out Saturday morning on the search for some mint vintage and antique finds. The morning left me slightly empty handed after only finding a good deal on a BBQ set and giant wicker rooster and chicken. Pictures of my farm animal finds to come in a later post.

I spent Saturday with some friends around the yard and decided to press refresh on Kijiji when I noticed someone giving away two sets of traditional snowshoes for FREE – my favourite word. I wrote them immediately to find out that I was the first in line. They then asked me to come get them right away after getting 32 “I want em” emails in only a few minutes. I pleaded that they let me pick them up Sunday afternoon and they agreed.IMG_2409

One set had been redone more recently but I fell in love with the vivid orange colour [see photo above] meanwhile the other was authentic. The other pair only made it into my driveway when a nice neighbour of mine walked over and offered to buy them off me then and there. Lesson # 1: People want the real stuff! Some people like them [handmade snowshoes] for décor and others want to actually use them. If you can get a pair for cheap you can usually sell them off for $15 or more depending on the condition and if they have genuine bindings.

IMG_2407Now here is where the episodic turn of events comes in.

For Sunday I decided to plan a route to the snowshoes since they were located 35 minutes away. I planned to visit two garage sales on the way. Turned out neither garage sale advertised was running or I just couldn’t find them. That was a good 20 minutes of wasted effort. I continued onwards spotting a chair on the side of the road. I said, I will hit that on the way back and hoped it would still be there.IMG_2408

I was on a street [which was one street away from my snowshoe destination] when I somehow noticed I had passed through a second round-a-bout but should have only gone through one. I found myself in unfamiliar territory when in the distance I saw the oh so typical white & red garage sale sign. I said, what the hay and headed on over. The sale ended up being a dump at the end of the curb that was full of majestic things including but not limited to:

  • Two solid winter shovels – I enjoy using the good ones, plastic doesn’t work for our winters
  • A vintage Tonka Truck- you can really push these things as they are made of durable material
  • A stepping stool-needed this
  • U.S Tobacco Company Tin (Spittoon) – these sell online cleaned up for $20-$40 or more for other more unique spittoons
  • Two brass candle holders made in India – brass is beautiful and when dressed up can stand the test of time in any household
  • A hose holder thing-needed this
  • Interesting sports arrows that I will use in my garden-these were intensely cool
  • Harley Davidson exhaust system (pipes etc.) in box- I will resell this box for $80 likely

IMG_2414There was a bunch of crap too but I grabbed all I could of value. I was amazed at some of the stuff being tossed. After leaving this score I found the snowshoe lady and ended up picking up the chair on the way home. What a day! What did I learn? When you get sad about missing out on garage sales be excited when you fill your truck with goodies and it costs you notta.

My biggest take-a-ways of the day and things I want to share:

-Spittoons may be for spitting in but that doesn’t mean they can’t look classy

-Snowshoes are popular so popular sometimes they leave your hands before you can take a photo of them for your blog

-Old chairs sometimes have surprises underneath the seat cushion – horse hair coming out of them [see below]

-People like Tonka Trucks -they sell well



Up, Down and All Around: Vintage Mania

IMG_2368High and Low…

Left to Right…

In and Out…

I didn’t even put on gloves this past weekend, I just fought my way through the piles upon piles of gold. It was a search like no other (hear why in my last post) but I found many different [and worthwhile] vintage items over this past weekend.

Deep in the darkness I noticed this vintage game table. It sure is full of whimsy and after finding the four legs elsewhere in the barn I said, SOLD TO ME. IMG_2362

The same game table with a pedestal base is selling online for $650 right now. Strangely enough I noticed another person selling it (online also) for only $60 (not in as good as shape as the first one) as well. Either way if I sell it I will make a profit. The country of origin is the United States. Actually, I may keep this cards, chess and backgammon table for myself.

IMG_2367I got this four seater games table and decorative tray for a combined $20. The serving tray has writing on the bottom however it appears to be in another language (believed to be Russian). I am still figuring out the retail price for this one. I also did a dive to find this one and made friends with some bees on the far side of the barn in order to retrieve it.

IMG_2364IMG_2365This $5 chair was the second thing I grabbed. It is super sturdy and I loved the evergreen colour. I may have to recover the seat as there is a small tear in it. It will make its way to my dining room real soon.

The first thing I pulled out of the soil was this welcome to my garden decorative piece pictured at the top of this post. As you can see it already made its way to my garden [well the start of my garden it is partially weeds]. There is something I just find so cute about subtle lawn décor.

Trinkets anyone? How adorable is this? This little box (seen below) won me over. I am not sure what will go in here but something I don’t want to forget about.

IMG_2366Long weekend is coming to and end but my belly is full of pie and my garage full of delightful scores.

I paid only $15 for the chair, plant stand, trinket box, a crate and the welcome sign.

Come back often to learn about what sells, what is a good price to buy stuff for and how to decorate your home on the cheap.