Vintage shows in the 613

It’s a busy weekend coming up for all things vintage in Ottawa, Ontario.

There is the Vintage Pop-up 613 taking place on Saturday (25th) and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday the 26th.

Quick dish:

The pop-up will have the following:

  • Books & vinyl
  • Furniture and Antiques
  • Games and Comics
  • Repurposed gift items
  • Toys & Collectibles
  • Vintage Clothing & Accessories
  • Housewares

The clothing show will have items such as:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Accessories
  • Jewelery
  • Designer Vintage

I hope you have a blast and make it out to both events. I have never been to the pop-up but will keep you posted on it.

Also, I just got back from the Ottawa Nostalgia & Collectible Show 2017 and can’t wait to show you what I found. Stay tuned by checking out my instagram feed on the blog.

Have an amazing rest of weekend.

The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show (TODAY) -The Time is Now

IMG_2681Dear Style Mavens & Thrifty Shoppers,

I am on my way [right now] to The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. Swing by for the best in retro and vintage clothing + accessories.

Saturday November 1, 2014 10am-5pm

Shaw Centre/Ottawa Convention Centre
55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa K1N 9J2

Visit for more details.

I hope to see you and your friends at the show.


Tip of the Week: Steampunk Fashion

ID-100104276Dear Fellow Fashion Lovers,

Last night I was chatting with a colleague when she suddenly told me, I could pull of Steampunk fashion. I instantly said who, what in the where now? She said steampunk – you know it’s funky and kind of Victorian. For a second I was thinking to myself…man I have not been hiding from the world of fashion but apparently I have not been down with the trends as of late.

I left the conversation on the note of army boots – apparently the mod version of this style consists of wearing some metal and heavy accessories.

On account of our brief chat I was feeling compelled [today] to read all about it. I couldn’t believe what I have been missing – a movement of entertainment meets clothing. The 6 Rules Of Steampunk Fashion gave me some good insight into the do’s and don’ts of this style.

What do I love about it?

I always wear used clothing so I feel like this is just up my alley -mixing historic pieces to make a strong statement.

There is not only history involved but some would say a little bit of fantasy. Get inspired by literature today and let this “look” be another excuse for you to buy some new vintage duds.

Steampunk fashion is a sub-genre of the steampunk movement in science fiction. It is marked by a blending of this period’s scientific romances in literature and the industrialization in most parts of Europe. The fashion ethics have been conceived with a post-apocalyptic era in mind. The first steampunk convention, “SalonCon”, was held in 2006. Steampunk fashion consists of clothing, hairstyling, jewellery, body modification and make-up. Steampunk fashion enthusiasts dress up to reflect a post-apocalyptic era. Modern steampunk fashion has seen the rise of gadgets and contrasting accoutrements.



Vintage Femuline Style Inspiration – The Tuxedo Look

Fashion Friday presents,

If you liked my previous post, Vintage Style: The Flapper Party Look you will fall head over heels for my upcoming post on the classic women’s tuxedo look.

I wanted to bring this look to you before fall approaches so you have all the things you need to recreate it on yourself…to suit your taste.

Visit this blog often to learn about how to get vintage style for less. P.S I am a big fan of big rings we will touch on those in a future post -Jewelz
Visit this blog often to learn about how to get vintage style for less. P.S I am a big fan of big rings we will touch on those in a future post -Jewelz

The femuline style derived in the 1930’s by the talented Marlene Dietrich (Marie Magdalene Dietrich) a German actress and singer. Back then the perfect suit was all about the cut and fabric – I think it still is to this very day.

I came across this sleek style myself while watching the flick Annie Hall with Diane Keaton and Woody Allen a few months back. Diane wore this look effortlessly in the 1977 flick. The next day I went out an bought two ties in the men’s section at The Bay. The Bay has a great selection of skinny ties [by the way] that any girl can work into her wardrobe.

I will be back real soon with this look, what to buy and where to buy it. You better believe I will be doing some hunting on la crème de la crème of Vintage Clothing Stores Online.

Don’t worry gents there is a post coming soon for you as well -it will be on what I think is the next big thing in men’s fashion – I have some ideas on what will be revived from the past. In the meantime check out my previous post, Men’s Vintage Clothing – Styling and Shopping List.

Be back real soon,




Vintage Style: The Flapper Party Look

It’s the roaring twenties and you step out of your Lincoln L-Series Sports Phaeton with ornate cigarette holder gracefully held in hand.

A long pearl necklace gracefully drapes your neck and your short bobbed hair frames your face.

You stand up to reveal your sleek knee-length dress with dropped waistline and it moves in the wind slightly to reveal the sheer silk stockings and lace garter beneath it.

A quick dash is made to the ladies room to reapply your vibrant lipstick and dark eye make-up then you head to the stage with your high heel, button fastened Mary Jane’s. The lights are on and the music is fierce – the Charleston dance fills the floor. You break only momentarily to place your form fitting beaded cap and flirty fringe purse on the sidelines.

The Flapper look is sexy and comfortable making it often emulated. Want to know what to look for at your local vintage store to create this head turning look?

Buy a Dress:

Though it features a garçonne (vertical & boyish) shape it is still considered very feminine and tends to include a plunging neckline in both the front and back. Some of the dresses were made of flashy beaded and sequined material while others were more plain. They were all generally sleeveless and a bit more heavy weighted. Women often topped these off with a more voluminous shawl-collar coat.

Add Accessories:

The most popular accessoires were chandelier-style earrings, lighter coloured (or sheer) silk stockings, lace garter belts, narrow neck scarfs, long glass bead (or pearl) necklaces, intricate cloche hats or headbands with feathers. Shoes would of been comfy and classic for dancing the night away. Mary Jane’s were a dominant shoe. Don’t forget a pretty cigarette holder!

If you need help with 20’s make-up you should visit this Historically Accurate 1920’s Make-up Tutorial. For more on the full fashion of the 1920’s take a look at Pinterest’s Fashion and Apparel from the 1920’s. If you look through the fashion make sure to take note of some different hair options for those (like myself) who cannot pull of the Louise Brooks “Bob.”

To achieve this Great Gatsby look don’t forget to bring this shopping list I created to inspire you. Simply save the picture to your cell or computer. Check back often for more on vintage style and where to get it.

Flapper look shopping list
Flapper’s 20’s Look – Shopping & Inspiration List. Simply save the picture to your cellphone or computer.

Flapper: The term “flapper” first appeared in Great Britain after World War I. The exact origin of the word flapper is unknown. It is believed to have stemmed from a reference to a young baby bird that is learning to fly for the first time and flaps its wings. It was then thought to describe younger girls, not yet graceful in movement who had not come into womanhood yet. Adding to that in university campuses (post-World War 1) girls with unfastened rubber galoshes over their shoes often made the tops “flap” around.