Sweet Saturday Surprises – “Collectors” Estate Sale

shopsmartSweet Saturday Surprises presents,

This morning while driving I came across some neon Contents Sale signs. I followed them to the destination. I walked in the home and was floored at how much stuff was in there – it was truly a collectors estate sale as per the advertisement I ended up seeing on Kijiji.

The rooms were jammed packed from floor to ceiling and there was a surprising two full basement areas covered with treasures. I came on day #2 of the sale which is never a good idea since most (not all) of the cool stuff was gone. A few things I saw:

Old Fishing Rods, China, Carvings, Old Sleds, Vintage Trucks, Art by various artists and some terrific Vintage Light Fixtures.

A few shopping tips to share for estate/content sales:

  1. If you are an avid treasure hunter always carry $50-$100 in your pocket on Sat and Sun mornings in case you run into something. Some sellers will allow you to hold items with a small deposit and come back but not all.
  2. When entering a busy contents sale head to the basement first – all the goodies (gems that were not as heavily promoted) are hiding there. People seem inclined to start their search in the living/dining rooms, kitchen, and bedroom areas. This is something I have noticed through observation – the basement always has boxes full of fabulous things.
  3. If you are looking for something specific ask the vendors/selling company if they have it. It will save you time hunting and save you from potentially losing the object to someone else.
  4. Remember bundling items together is key! You will always get a better deal if you grab more than one thing. The more they can offload the better. Don’t forget to look high and low. I always see great things on the walls, under the tables and hidden in awkward spots.



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