Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show: November Event Date Released

vintage show graphicHola -Hello, hi

¿Cómo está? -How are you?

I am learning Spanish these days so may start throwing some words in here and there for practice. I am also trying to improve my French language skills so you may see some French writing on this blog as well.

It’s Friday night and I am stoked! I recently found out the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Shows upcoming event date has been announced.

Bust out a pen and paper or your email calendar – the show is taking place on November 1, 2014 from 10am-5pm at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

I recall my last visit to the show and it was thrilling. Showy Sundays Presented – The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show Rundown. You will get a bigger and better overview this year. I am one eager beaver to walk through the doors and see all the rare finds, fantastic sparkling items and hip dresses.

Visit the event website for additional details. I hope to see you at the show.

Buenas noches- Good night


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