Time to Add Some Country Charm to the Homestead- Church Sale Delight

Last Saturday I walked to a well promoted estate sale and after poking around I didn’t find anything. The prices were too expensive for my liking. I tried to bundle three things and the lowest the gal on site would go was $125. This was for a small cabinet, picture and pie/cake holder.  I didn’t care for them that much…

Note of the weekend: People think because things are considered antique they automatically are valued at a TON higher than a regular piece of a similar nature that is less than 100 years old. I always explain if the piece needs to be fixed, is in poor condition or requires a mini-overhaul…it really is not worth as much as they think. My argument did not win this lady over so I left. Yes, sometimes I even walk away [chuckles].

The more I walked outside the more sales I noticed in the area. I literally stumbled upon a church sale on Hunt Club Road in Ottawa. What I got for $10 (this was for charity so I did not bargain for less) at this sale was s-p-l-e-n-d-i-d


  • -Set of Four Vintage Bone China Fat Laying Hen Chicken Napkin Rings
  • -Set of Four Vintage Bone China Fat Laying Dove Napkin Rings
  • -Set of Four Vintage Bone China Fat Laying Rabbit Napkin Rings

I thought these vintage napkin holders would [or will] be so cute at my new country homestead. They retailed in store as per the box for $8 and I have seen the same ones selling online recently for $6 per box – $12 per box. The white ceramic is really crisp looking so I am keen of finding the perfect napkin for these.

Reference Item details: A/#2084 30 HEN 4 PCS -Imported exclusively by Abbott – There is a Taiwan stamp on them.IMG_2275

Score number two of the day at this same place was these country classic metal cooking utensils. I can hardly wait to use these while making my next thick beef stew. I was smiling ear to ear when I saw these. I believe they are newer than they appear and I am still trying to price them. I do not think they are super expensive but I do think they are super fun. They look like they could belong in a garden hehehe.

IMG_2276As mentioned in older posts I share my findings (with all the details) so I can archive them for you and so they stay on the web search results. I am sort of building a little antique and vintage resource here.

So I got the country napkin holders, huge cooking utensils now all I need are the napkins and a cow bell. I am on the hunt…

Until next time,



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