Find of the Week: Antique Desk Chair on the side of the road

IMG_2308Hiya Readers,

It’s Sunday and time to share this weeks…

Find of the Week

I found this solid wood chair on the side of the road in Navan, Ontario yesterday evening. We drove by it and quickly did a turn-around to check it out. The chair appears to date back from the turn of the 19th-20th Century.

It has a formal look and some character for sure. It would fit well in a lawyer/legal office or court room. I checked out the value of this sort of chair online and they retail between $150-295 if they are in good condition.

As with most furniture, it’s value is also based on where it came from (who owned it previously) and who made it. In some instances you will find a marking or something that can assist you with figuring out the history behind it (the chair) on the bottom of the chair.

A few details or items to consider:

  • Solid and heavy: This kind of chair is not light and there are a ton of moving/working parts below in some of these designs. Some of these chairs swivel and/or tilt. Newer models may have wheels on the legs.
  • Condition: If they are in good shape they shouldn’t have any cracking. The wood should be smooth. Normal fading of the finishing/wood is normal.
  • Comfort: The chair is surprisingly comfy. I thought the shape of the seat was pretty cool.

If you find one these chairs on the side of the road – PICK IT UP.



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