BECHERFRUG & A Flamenco Dancer ‘Ole Gitana’

IMG_6785 It’s only hump day but I already can’t wait for the weekend! Almost time to prowl for goodies and hunt for heart-filling finds.

There was a totally awesome sale a few weeks back and I came across these 2 pieces for nearly free. In case you come across them, I wanted to price them out for you. I also just wanted to share their “coolness factor” with you.

The ancienne bouteille en verde peint, BECHERFRUG (200cl/70mm) VETRO BREV is worth about
5 euros or a tad less than $10CAD. It is an old bottle that is painted and made of toughened glass. I saw it and thought to myself – these guys on it are having a great time and I could pour some “good times” in there and have my own great times!!!

Next is the Retro 1960’S J.Strevens Framed Print of a Flamenco Dancer – Ole Gitana.

This piece is just fantastic, it’s a vintage print from the 60’s (Kitsch) by John L. Strevens. There is something that is so magical to me about Spanish Dancers. I am not sure what it is but there is a ton of beauty in this framed find. IMG_6781

Mine is unglazed and has a faux canvas effect but it is still very enjoyable to look at. These prints can go for $40-75.

The clock is ticking (literally we just found an older Danielle Dakota key wind wall mount clock on the same day as the two items above) and it is telling me it is time for bed.

I encourage you to fill your home with things that make you happy like captivating booze bottles, not so typical paintings and lovely sounding things, like clocks. We live in a world that is so fast paced but you got to learn to enjoy the smaller things in life, I say.

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