Mirrors & Fascinators Oh My! Quench your vintage & antique thirst

Dear Readers,

I remember how it spoke to me and the artistry in the air. I am pertaining to last years Ottawa Antique Show.

Get ready to shop 40,000 sq./ft. full of retro, vintage and antique heart warming pieces. I go every year for the vast array of inventory and friendly faces. At this show you will find any object of your affection from rare home furnishings to epic fashions.

This year I am going on the hunt for two things; an ornate [antique] bathroom mirror and funky beaded [vintage] headband also know as a fascinator.

The trick to finding a good aged wall-mounted mirror is to make sure you take note of:

  • The condition of the glass (I look for distortion, fogginess and at the edges, especially the bottom for marks)
  • Check the back of the mirror for how easy it will be to hang (if there is a wire make sure it is secured from left to right)
  • Look for a sturdy frame that can handle the heat (if this item is going in a bathroom chipped paint will not do too well).

A Gothic mirror will be my pick which is anything that dates between the 12th – 16th century. Point of Note: This style came back in the 19th century with a Victorian twist – my chances of finding something from this time frame is more likely. These mirrors are characterized by carvings, scrolling as well as dark frames usually made of oak. The arch of these frames is usually pointed upwards.

When scouting fashion accessories [like a fascinator] there are often different things to consider:

  • Colour (how many things will it match if you plan to where it on more than one occasion)
  • Comfort (when it comes to jewellery or clingy things I always take note of my sensitive skin and how it will feel after a days wear)
  • Versatility (can I dress it up and down)

As some of you know I adore The Flapper Party Look so therefore I really dig headbands. A little beading and a feather here and there is always great. I plan to look for something that will match any dress so will stick to something rose gold or that is more of a neutral shade.

Come on down to the Ottawa Antique Show and don’t miss a beat in the world of vintage and antique.  The crucial deats:

When: October 25 (10am-5pm) and October 26 (10am-4pm) 2014

Where: Carleton University Fieldhouse, Bronson Avenue (at Sunnyside) Ottawa ON

Admission: $10  Under 18: Free Re-admission: Free Parking: $3/day
Sign up for a discount coupon here!

See you there,





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