Rockland, Ontario – Reveals Deals

Take a break Tuesday presents,

Rockland rocked my world!

Who doesn’t look forward to a holiday Monday garage sale? This wasn’t just any garage sale – it was a parking lot full of deals this past Monday.

Rows and rows of sellers packed the lot as well as crowds upon crowds of thirsty buyers.

2014 077My first find was this brass bicycle key holder. I thought it would make for a slick back door wall hanging, especially for $1.

I like when things are both pragmatic and trendy. This years sale had hundreds upon hundreds of decorative items. I noticed everything from art and ceiling lights to pillows as well as snazzy bottles.

It wasn’t long until I came across a set of red chairs that were so polished. The one thing about older chairs is they sometimes not only look weathered but are quite fragile. I decided to pass up on the older chairs and go with this vintage solid wood chair.2014 078

The sleek lines and printed wild cat seat definitely made me think ” how fun”. I tried to bargain but ended up paying a tad more than I wanted for this chair at $35. P.S ALWAYS sit on a chair before buying it – listen for cracking sounds and test for a teeder-todder or”wobbly” feeling. Also check the legs for any indications of breakage.   

Just around the corner my spidey sense was at it’s peak and I quickly grabbed a pale yellow princess phone. I dashed over to the owner and said will you take $5 -she said sure.

2014 0752014 074I was back on track with my bargain budget when I realized it was 9:30am already and I had not been around the town of Rockland to pay attention to all the street sales.

My mom and I lugged my new belongings over to the street corner where my dad would eventually meet us. I carefully placed my items in his SUV and we drove around town, windows down.

My last purchase was this little spice rack that reminded me of the one my mom had in our country house growing up. I was super excited to get this for $2 and I will be even more excited to put all my latest spices in it. I bought if off a nice chap who was holding a garage sale. My dad got a wooden sleigh from him.

2014 076After a long day in the sun I discovered a few key things:

1. Don’t let looks full you! I came across a really nice record player however it was way newer than it looked.

2. Don’t forget that skimming is good but when there are people everywhere sometimes there is more than meets the eye. I couldn’t see everything from just one quick glance – like usual. I really had to go into each stand (seller area) to get wind of what was on and/or under the counter and scattered around.

3. Remember if you go to large sales early (I was there at 7:45am) sometimes all the people aren’t fully set up yet so you may have to go back for seconds.

Hungry for more?

Come back this week for the skinny on my latest record collection discovery.




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