Get a Chapeau to Top it Off

Chapeau is a French term signifying a hat or other covering for the head. Source: Wikipedia

It was a cold winters day and after much time spent hovering over my heated laptop I decided to run downstairs and pick up a magazine. For $6.99 CAN I became inspired.

Bliss Victoria is a magazine about decorating, enterprising women, traveling and entertaining. In the issue I read an article called,“A Love for Vintage” all about Barbara Troeller an antique-millinery as well as historian and appraiser. A millinery designs hats and is a hat dealer for the most part.

IMG_1753After a glimpse of her cheerful hat collection full of flowers, feathers and lace I became hooked. Hooked by the victorious vintage hat. I made it my mission that day to find the most original and fitting hat out there.

After a few months I am still on the hook. I am thinking a 1950’s Juliette cap. Want to make your head and heart happy? Try getting a vintage hat this spring.

I am hoping to finally get mine (and report back with photos) at the upcoming Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show.

Did you know: Coco Chanels first job was working for a tailor and soon after she started designing hats. She even opened her very own hat shop in Paris.

See article referenced on page 57 of the January/February 2014 issue of Victoria magazine.