Rockland, Ontario – Reveals Deals

Take a break Tuesday presents,

Rockland rocked my world!

Who doesn’t look forward to a holiday Monday garage sale? This wasn’t just any garage sale – it was a parking lot full of deals this past Monday.

Rows and rows of sellers packed the lot as well as crowds upon crowds of thirsty buyers.

2014 077My first find was this brass bicycle key holder. I thought it would make for a slick back door wall hanging, especially for $1.

I like when things are both pragmatic and trendy. This years sale had hundreds upon hundreds of decorative items. I noticed everything from art and ceiling lights to pillows as well as snazzy bottles.

It wasn’t long until I came across a set of red chairs that were so polished. The one thing about older chairs is they sometimes not only look weathered but are quite fragile. I decided to pass up on the older chairs and go with this vintage solid wood chair.2014 078

The sleek lines and printed wild cat seat definitely made me think ” how fun”. I tried to bargain but ended up paying a tad more than I wanted for this chair at $35. P.S ALWAYS sit on a chair before buying it – listen for cracking sounds and test for a teeder-todder or”wobbly” feeling. Also check the legs for any indications of breakage.   

Just around the corner my spidey sense was at it’s peak and I quickly grabbed a pale yellow princess phone. I dashed over to the owner and said will you take $5 -she said sure.

2014 0752014 074I was back on track with my bargain budget when I realized it was 9:30am already and I had not been around the town of Rockland to pay attention to all the street sales.

My mom and I lugged my new belongings over to the street corner where my dad would eventually meet us. I carefully placed my items in his SUV and we drove around town, windows down.

My last purchase was this little spice rack that reminded me of the one my mom had in our country house growing up. I was super excited to get this for $2 and I will be even more excited to put all my latest spices in it. I bought if off a nice chap who was holding a garage sale. My dad got a wooden sleigh from him.

2014 076After a long day in the sun I discovered a few key things:

1. Don’t let looks full you! I came across a really nice record player however it was way newer than it looked.

2. Don’t forget that skimming is good but when there are people everywhere sometimes there is more than meets the eye. I couldn’t see everything from just one quick glance – like usual. I really had to go into each stand (seller area) to get wind of what was on and/or under the counter and scattered around.

3. Remember if you go to large sales early (I was there at 7:45am) sometimes all the people aren’t fully set up yet so you may have to go back for seconds.

Hungry for more?

Come back this week for the skinny on my latest record collection discovery.




Mantiques and Cash Cows – Ottawa Area Auctions Coming Soon

antique car detailLove feeling the heat?

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot outside; 

or hot inside the auction room;

it’s all good to me.

There is nothing more invigorating than raising that number and getting the deal of the day or decade.

Come on over to 106 Read Street in Merrickville, Ontario on May 17th at 9:30am to the Mantiques Auction. If you want to jazz up your man cave with some eye-catching vintage, this is the place to be. Signs, Tin, Gas Pumps, Bumper Cars, Cast Iron – you name it -you will find it here.

Even if you aren’t a dude you can find some awesome basement decor bargains. Visit Colin Latreille Auction Services for more and please note online bidding is available for this auction. Preview is May 16 and May 17.

Eastern Ontario is home to some astounding nostalgia and advertising auctions and this one is no exception. In a later post I will tell you all about my day trip to The Jewel of the Rideau and all the jewels I found.

Before I go for this evening…

I was not born in Cumberland, Ontario but I was raised in the village so I wanted to give a shout-out-about a Cumberland Village auction coming up on May 31st.

It is an on site auction sale located at 1961 Sarsfield Road. You will find an array of ornate furnishings, kitchen items, antiques, horse drawn items, a Chevy and a little bit of everything under the sun. Visit Guy Bissonnette – Auctioneer for the details.

If you are bringing your family along to the auction you should make a day of it and take a drive over to The Cumberland Heritage Village Museum. The museum is all about being old fashioned and that’s why I have always had a good time there.

I like to spend the day awakening my senses;

there is nothing like a live auction;

or exploring a new town.

Have a great Friday,






La Nouvelle-France Antiquités – The Price is Right

IMG_2031It’s Monday and after a busy weekend (and day) I am eager to continue reporting on my recent trip and finds.

Out of all the places I recently visited in QUÉBEC CITY I must say La Nouvelle-France Antiquités was one of my favourite shops is town. To be honest after exploring most of the antique landmarks there were only two places that curbed my “curious tourist antique-hunting cravings”.

The gentleman in the store was friendly, helpful and a pure delight to be around. He instantly greeted me and my friends and told us a little bit about each of the objects we were looking at.

This shop has a little bit of everything including crates, wooden items (ex. horse), lamps, glasses, purses and much more. Don’t forget to check out the basement. I always have a jolly good time looking for treasures in dark places.

IMG_2037The second I arrived I noticed something special in the distance. I had a quick look around and eagerly approached a football shaped purse. The price was right! I managed to snag this Made Exclusively Stein Novelty Import in Japan black tightly beaded clutch for $10.

After doing some searching I noted this may be a vintage reproduction and not worth much more than what I paid for it. That is okay because its black and will go well with any outfit.IMG_2177

Sometimes when I am on-the-go and unsure of an items value I “Google” it on my cell. Most times I can find a similar item to confirm pricing but at times nothing will come up which can mean an item is rare or I am not searching for it (getting the keywords) properly.

Have a jolly good time when your in Québec City next and browse La Nouvelle-France. I hope you find a hidden treasure to add to your collection.

“A collection is not a mere ‘pile’ of non-differentiated items. Even if it seems chaotic there is always a logic behind the dynamic arrangement of the items and their circulation.”

– Robert Neuberger, in Art Tribal, Spring 2003

IMG_2033Come back soon to hear about more of the interesting antiques I came across on my travels.

Happy Hunting!















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