The Awesome Alta Vista Garage Sale

Hey Readers,

Just a reminder that every week on Thursday nights I post upcoming antique and vintage events on the right side of my blog main page. Before last weekend (June 7-8) I was advertising an upcoming Alta Vista area sale. I totally checked it out!

I was barely even a minute into the neighbourhood of Alta Vista this past Saturday when I started to become distracted by all the neon signs, arrows and cars (bad drivers lol) as far as the eye could see. Apparently everyone was putting stuff out on their lawn and it was epic.

IMG_2221We parked the car and travelled by foot. The first sale I went to I got this classy yet country serving tray. I was surprised when the guy said it was $1, I didn’t even bargain this time around. This tray boasts some hen imagery and is signed by H.Arndt. After doing some research I was left a bit empty handed but think this image may have been created by an artist by the name of Hermina Arndt. I have come across plates with the same image on it selling between $20-$30. I am curious how much my new sturdy tray is worth.

After a few turns we found ourselves in the mansion-filled few blocks and unfortunately came out of those parts with notta. Back to the main drag we went.

There was this adorable 1.5 storey home and a whole ton of antiques out front. To my dismay the man had jacked up his prices to market value because he knew what all his little treasures were worth. It was okay as I did a bit of bargaining and ended up with these horse book ends for $8. These vintage carved stone agate onyx horse head book ends can sell online for between $30-$85 depending on their condition and if they are a matching set or not.IMG_2222

Next door also proved to be profitable as I scored this $5 table (seen a little further down in post)  which I have future plans of refinishing. The lady said it had been in her family forever.

IMG_2220A few hours later I returned home and went for a walk to my local book store where I found this awesome book titled, Woodworker’s Handbook by Roger W. Cliffe.

The book covers everything including hand tool woodworking, wood finishing and power tools. I will let you know what new things I learn as I get through the chapters.

All this to say that this Alta Vista Garage Sale sure was awesome.

Come back daily to check out my finds. discover the history behind the pieces and keep up -to-date about what’s happening in the world of all things vintage and antique.IMG_2224

Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.

-Jimmy Buffet

The Wayback Times – A Fantastic Free Antique & Collectibles Guide

Are you looking for a great antique & collectibles guide? Look no further! A few weeks ago I was exploring the charming town of Almonte, Ontario and came across a guide called, The Wayback Times at a local antique shop.

I am excited to report that the guide is not only FREE but jammed packed with educative, refreshing articles. The tasteful ads seen throughout the guide are relevant to a reader keen to get wind of all that Ontario has to offer in regards to antiques and more.

Within a few minutes of reading I jotted some places I really want to visit including Silly Sisters Antique Emporium in the Village of Orono and the Antique Alley in downtown Kingston. What is also handy is the incredible full page events calendar.

This is just my call to all antique and collectible buyers and sellers around that this bi-monthly read (published six time yearly) is an excellent source of information. I am sure glad I tucked it under my armpit and it made the journey home to my coffee table.

If you are not able to grab the newspaper copy no need to fret just visit Canada’s No.1 Antiques & Collectibles newspaper The Wayback Times online.