Find of the Week – Crosley 1950s Coloradio Replica Old Time Radio (April 14, 2014)

IMG_1886Crosley is where old school meets new school and vintage never sounded better.

My Crosley 1950s Coloradio Replica Old Time Radio hit my “Find of the Week” area last week. It is rare but sometimes I like replica’s or vintage inspired items.

This replica retails for $115.00CAD. Some of the painted and flashy ones (1950s Painted Bakelite Tabletop Tube Radio) go for $299.00+. I have seen a ton of people fix them up and not a ton of originals for sale. Even the replicas have been discontinued.

The two radios I have in my home right now are actually nothing too old or authentic- but I love them because of there great sound and looks.

Crosley’s humble start began in the 1920’s with low end radios. They quickly moved into household appliances then tumbled (gracefully) to TV’s.

An exciting jump to vintage inspired electronics and jukeboxes was next. To top it off in the 2000’s they introduced some CD players and records playing machines. What a legacy! Who knows what they will come up with next. All I know is this radio find is a little piece of heaven in my household and I am starting to learn all about radios.

Come back soon for my post, Radios are all the rage where I will not miss a beat in the world of antique radios. You will discover all the “ins” and “outs” of the life changing radio over the years circa 1900’s onwards.

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart….pursue those.”
– Unknown

Music catches my heart! Have a great Wild Wednesday “or hump day.”

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Find of the Week: Vintage Roadrunner Sculpture/Figurine (April 7, 2014)

Beep Beep,

Last weeks Find of the Week was a Vintage Roadrunner sculpture I picked up at an estate sale for $2 in Alta Vista (Ottawa, ON).

This copper coated metal figurine caught my eye – I don’t see roadrunner decorative items too often. I was not able to find a ton of them (this exact sculpture) for sale online but I found one selling for a whopping $45 a few weeks ago.

Continue checking out my Finds of the Week and learn a little more about some of the items you may across in this world full of captivating smaller things.

Maybe next I will find a Coyote figurine. How I miss watching Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. What a duo!




Find of the Week – Vintage Musical San Francisco Trolley Decanter Bar-ware Set (March 31, 2014)


Musical Monday Presents,

My latest find of the week (posted last week) is this pre-1970 Vintage Musical San Francisco Trolley Decanter Bar-ware Set. I found this cable car music box at a local Value Village store.

At first I thought it was just a pretty showpiece bar set with the value-add being the two decanters, four clear shot glasses and whatever you chose to put in them [chuckles].

I was wrong because the real fun comes when you lift out the decanters and it sings to you. As if drinking was not fun enough! I must of jumped up and down a few times in excitement after realizing this.

A few people said it plays “How Dry I Am” however I am not quite sure. I have to try to listen a bit harder.

Why go to San Francisco (California) when you can drink at home with this little cable car for only $15.00-$29.95?



Find of the week – Singer Sewing Tin Box

IMG_1730Since its establishment in 1851 Singer has been known as the “go to company” for the sensational sewing machine.

Over the years items bearing the Singer name have become very collectible.

My first find of the week (published last week) was a black Singer Sewing Tin Box with touches of rainbow shading. It was retired from my main page yesterday and replaced with my latest find but can still be found on this site under Find of the Week. I wanted to jump into the history behind this piece so here we go…

According to the sticker found on the bottom on the tin it was made by The Tin Box Company who specializes in unique tinware for the home and was exclusively distributed by Tindex.

I revealed that the Tin Box Company started operations in 1952 under a different name and originally manufactured all tins in England. By 1980 it was official named The Tin Box Company and due to demand seven years later moved its operations into Hong Kong and China.

Since the bottom of my box says Made in China (Trademark of The Singer company Limited) I gather it was created after 1987. You will see similar tins to this also made by Bristol Ware. Tin Box and Bristol Ware tins were made my the same company. I have seen similar tins sell between $5-$29 online.