Auction Fever & Bedside Table Read

dreamstimefree_102201“Collecting is like eating peanuts, you just can’t stop.” – Unknown

Collecting really is like eating peanuts (or chocolate) once you start you can’t stop. In the mood for auctions, antiques and chocolate? I know I am!

I hope you guys are having your fill of chocolate today, spending time with friends & family or catching up on some much needed sleep (z’s). I must tell you I was a little upset when my local Shoppers Drug Mart was sold out of the large bags of Mini Eggs yesterday -I will have to get them off the dollar “holiday is over” rack next week hahaha.

Well my dad and I are checking out an auction in Smith Falls, Ontario tomorrow. Just one thing I love about holiday Easter Monday – time with family and going on little day trips.

See you right here tomorrow evening (@ for the full scoop on my April 21st speciality antiques and collectibles adventures.

Care to go to an auction tomorrow too? Visit Auction Fever to find an upcoming exciting auction or sale near you. Before you venture out it is always good to brush up on your “what is this item worth” skills. To make sure I don’t get gypped, I like to read and check out the many colour photos in the handy…

Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price

Guide 2014 – By Eric Bradley

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Carleton Place Shopping Attractions & Antique Flea Market

Location: The Town of Carleton Place

Carleton Place
Carleton Place

Every Sunday or so I enjoy taking a road-trip to a different town and scavenging all the Antique and Used Clothing stores I can find. Today, it was the picturesque Carleton Place on the Mississippi River. Upon arrival I was surprised by the amount of shops/businesses on the main drag (Bridge Street) in the historic part of town.

Brush Stokes - Necklace Front/Reversible

I took a stroll and paid a visit to Brush Strokes where I purchased a striking necklace (see photo) and received extremely friendly service. If you appreciate interior design you will adore this space that has original inventory displays featuring local artisan work and a little bit of everything from art supplies, crafty jewellery to funky gift ideas. They also had a few sporadic antiques in store for sale that quickly caught my eye.

IMG_1734Keeping in mind on Sundays not every business is open we drove three miles and landed at Murray’s Furniture and Flea Market. The second I walked in I was intrigued by the variety of new & used items and low prices. Vintage and collectible toys, antiques, furniture and an assortment of records and DVDs galore. I have not seen such diverse Transformers, Nascar Merchandise, Trading Cards and Glassware under one roof. For more on the vendors visit flea market website.

I always laugh on the way home because I always say, “I won’t buy anything” on my way to these towns however generally always leave with something I can easily justify by saying ” I will never find it again”. In most cases my remark is true as most of the stuff is one of a kind.

If you are looking for a fun-filled few hours or trying to find that antique collectible I suggest you pay a visit to one or both of this spots.