Digging in my own backyard

Startling finds on a Sunday afternoon…

My home sides on a river and is located across the street from an old lumber mill building which is now being used as a home. Apparently my 19th century home may of housed some of the mill workers back the in day.

Over the past two weekends since moving in we have been clearing the bush to get down to the water and have made great strides and a super wide opening (thanks to the help of great friends and neighbours). I have been finding many antiques (& vintage thangs) along the way so thought I would share.

IMG_2332First off we have an old men’s shoe and a bag with buckle of some sort.

Along with this many Pepsi bottles and bottles [in general] were found. I have clear bottles coming out of the ying yang these days. I plan on cleaning these vintage (or antique) bottles up and putting plants in them.

Pepsi was created in the early 1890’s and was formally introduced as Brad’s Drink. The soft drink wasn’t renamed Pepsi-Cola until the late 1890s. Who knows how old some of these bottles date back to…

How I enjoy a nice Pepsi or Coke after a long day of working outside!

I also found some bottles left inside the house. The first is a Spanish leather-wrapped bottle that to my knowledge retails between $30-$50 online. There are some males and horses on the leather. The other resembles a decanter with a metal emblem on it. I thought they were both pretty neat.IMG_2342IMG_2340

The mill was operational in and around the late 1850s and by the 1880s manufactured cheese boxes. I hope I find an old cheese box -that would be a dream since I LOVE CHEESE AND CHEESE BOXES ARE WICKED TO DECORATE WITH. Cheese making dates back many years and the evolution of cheese is astounding.

On another food related note I see a old stove in the distance – I will show you what it looks like when I pull it out.


Before I go I forgot to mention I found a bed frame, now if I could only find a mattress spring I would be all set…remember my tricks on Uses for Old Furniture & More including a mattress spring?

Cheers on a Monday,





Dear Readers,

I am back! Sorry it took so long…

pizap.com14060823081951After a week of moving out of my downtown condo, moving into a circa 1899 country homestead, getting a small truck [vehicle for the first time in two years], setting up different insurance, cell phone and internet providers, finding the best puppy ever [a border collie & bernese mountain dog mix] and training him…

I am done and it has been a wild seven days.

For those of you that have not been following to get you up to speed I mentioned in a recent post that I was moving so I could antique and hunt more a.k.a required a ride again to find those vintage and aged gems. I also needed a place [workshop] to work on pieces that I found.pizap.com14060822117921

The time has arrived and I am getting ready to get my “tique” on. Get ready for a boat load of posts coming up that will tickle your antique and vintage taste buds.

“The chief beauty about time
is that you cannot waste it in advance.
The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you,
as perfect, as unspoiled,
as if you had never wasted or misapplied
a single moment in all your life.
You can turn over a new leaf every hour
if you choose.”
― Arnold Bennett 

Come back this Thursday evening for the dish on what I will be scoping out this weekend. Starting next week you will see how to decorate a full room with all that’s antique and vintage for between $50-$100.

pizap.com14060823554351I thought I would save the cutest photo for last. This is Sox my new dog. He is super silly and puts a big smile on my face…even in the midst of moving chaos.

Have a good rest of day,


Find of the Week: Antique Desk Chair on the side of the road

IMG_2308Hiya Readers,

It’s Sunday and time to share this weeks…

Find of the Week

I found this solid wood chair on the side of the road in Navan, Ontario yesterday evening. We drove by it and quickly did a turn-around to check it out. The chair appears to date back from the turn of the 19th-20th Century.

It has a formal look and some character for sure. It would fit well in a lawyer/legal office or court room. I checked out the value of this sort of chair online and they retail between $150-295 if they are in good condition.

As with most furniture, it’s value is also based on where it came from (who owned it previously) and who made it. In some instances you will find a marking or something that can assist you with figuring out the history behind it (the chair) on the bottom of the chair.

A few details or items to consider:

  • Solid and heavy: This kind of chair is not light and there are a ton of moving/working parts below in some of these designs. Some of these chairs swivel and/or tilt. Newer models may have wheels on the legs.
  • Condition: If they are in good shape they shouldn’t have any cracking. The wood should be smooth. Normal fading of the finishing/wood is normal.
  • Comfort: The chair is surprisingly comfy. I thought the shape of the seat was pretty cool.

If you find one these chairs on the side of the road – PICK IT UP.



Just like an antique

This past Monday morning at 7:37am I awoke to a telephone call from my father. All I could hear through the line was the sound of cars in the background [he was driving] and his voice, muffled by distractions, suggesting my mother was in the midst of a heart attack.

I instantly threw myself out of bed and landed at the heart institute where I waited for nearly two hours to find out if my mom was going to make it. The sound of that ticking clock will be forever embedded in my mind.

I bet after my opening lines you are wondering how on earth I am going to relate this true life story to the world of antiques.

Just like an antique:

“I cherish my mother because I know she is rare. There is nothing that can replace her. She is one-of-a-kind and brings warmth to any room.”

My mother is on the road to recovery and made it through the storm. The past few days have really reinstated (for me) the importance of family and living life to the fullest since at any moment things can completely change. They also made me realize the importance of the very few things I have left [in my belongings] that are of sentimental value.

IMG_2273Before I go I wanted you to see this old Letter J from my childhood years which is meant to hang on a wall. I remember where it hung and how the creepy clown scared me a little. Even after all these years I have kept it because it brings back so many memories.

The moral of this story is;

it is very difficult (may be impossible) to replace things that are rare and/or evoke an emotion because of some sort of attachment to the past;

Someone once told me writing is therapy for the soul and I believe this to be true.




On the Radar: Vintage Kitchen Scales

pizap.com14037482504361Wild Wednesday presents,


What’s on the radar this summer?


Kitchen scales are getting more popular as the days go by. With food portion control on the mind and produce purchases at what appears to be a roaring high -these objects are becoming a valuable home asset.


Do you weigh your food?


With a whole lot of functionality and rustic charm  antique or vintage (I love cast iron) scales can give a nice resale return or simply make a nice addition to your counter-top.


Try to find a produce scale that hangs from the ceiling. Oh la la. These scales are in the $150-200 range.  


Add one to your country kitchen (or period kitchen) today. I have been trying to find the right one but I am pretty picky and never spend over $10 for anything. I may have to bite the bullet as even the smaller scales go for $25+


Wish me luck!