There’s a mouse in my house – Tips for keeping clean while digging deep

Over the past few years I have dived deep into barns, put myself through the “what was that I just touched test” and battled through wasps nests to find hidden treasures – this past weekend was the real…check what you get deal.

I got a free cabinet that I brought home on Saturday and what was in it you ask? Old dog food, utensils, dog toys, mouse poop and even…a really dead tiny mouse. I must have cleaned that thing for hours! It was luckily outside while I made this discovery so there is no mouse in my house but it was a close call.

When on the journey for free things remember these tips before while on the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt. There is no point of getting too dirty if you do not have to!

Inspect the exterior, interior and check the sturdiness of the object from top and bottom. Make sure you know all the flaws/faults of what you are bringing home. Always have the following dig deep items on you to ensure success:

-Gloves (work gloves for heavy duty lifting and cleaning gloves for that finer touch ability)

-Hand Sanitizer (for those you never know moments)

-Tie Downs & Bungie Cords (all shapes and sizes, stabilize your finds neatly don’t make charlotte’s web)

-Yoga mat (great for fragile finds like mirrors and keeps items cleaner and more secure during transport etc.)

-Measuring tape (will it fit or wont it fit in your vehicle? No sense doing all the heavy lifting if its not worthy)

– Screwdriver (with different bits in case you need to undo anything, this makes for a better put back together situation and your hands will get less dirty for many reasons ex. trying to undo greasy or rusts screws)

-Water (because searching and moving can be tiresome and you may need to use it to clean yourself in some way shape or form)

-Pen & paper or phone (to write addresses down if you need to go back for something or get homeowners details if they put something aside – allows you to drive off with less of a mess if you can go back for things you aren’t trying to jam pack your ride)

Have a blast next time you are on the road again.

Dinner & Antique Dessert

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

This evening I spent a few hours after work hanging out in a neighbourhood I do not often frequent. I hit up a restaurant on the main drag but parked a few streets over on a residential street. Around 7pm I got in my truck and began the drive home, I turned one street to the left and without a moments thought pulled over. There was a massive pile of antique furniture on the side of the road so big it could furnish an entire home. What I like to call “Antique Dessert” or the caramel (I don’t like cherries) on my sundae. Dressers, small tables, wood magazine holders, chairs, rugs, old brooms and a country chic hutch were just the beginning. I saw two ladies in the distance and yelled out, is this all free? That was the start of an hours long interesting conversation with them both. I was moved by the stories behind all the pieces and was told they were being given away result of closing down two cottages. A whole lot of memories and history filled the driveway. The individuals I met really made me think about how it is not so much the “physical belonging” or “actual item” that matters but the moments in time they were apart of and the emotions they still invoke.
I didn’t end up grabbing anything tonight but will be going back tomorrow with boots on and tie downs in hand.
Tonight I took away more than physical belongings that will have a new home, in my home as of tomorrow, I realized that everyone and everything has a story and most times the two are connected.

The Top 5 Creepy Vintage and Antique Objects

Wild Wednesday Presents,

The Top 5 Creepy Vintage and Antique Objects

ID-100279785Halloween is fast approaching and after having found some creepy things in my backyard this October, I thought it would be a treat to share with you what I believe to be the creepiest vintage objects and antiques out there.

They may not be the scariest upon first glance but they could possess more than you bargained for.

Way Back When Medical Equipment: The older the equipment, the more it sends shivers up [and down] my spine. Syringes, amputation knives, skull saws and hemorrhoid as well as hernia tools are only a few of the items I am pertaining to.

The health industry has sure come along way! I remember a few months ago seeing a vintage leather doctor bag my dad had and I thought it was pretty sick. What is even cooler is thinking of what may of been in it, once upon a time.

Dated Plantation and Hotel Mirrors: You see it in the movies, the haunted mirror that strikes back. What is interesting is there are a ton of stories in real life about antique mirrors that cause home owners or passer-by people to freak out. The Roosevelt Hotel and the Myrtles Plantation mirrors are only a few that come to mind. There is something about a really dated mirror that just has that eerie feel to it.

The Comedian, The Clown: Clowns have been painted with somewhat of a evil brush since I can remember. I feel like there was a shift in the late 80’s or early 90’s due to popular culture. Though I don’t think comic performers “clowns” are unnerving when I see them at a kids party or event, I do think some of the earlier clown objects I have come across in my life travels are a little intimidating.ID-10056150

Old black and white photos of grinning clowns, clown dolls made to show sharp teeth or circus costumes that just look like they belong to a “not so nice” clown. I will leave this up to you but these items make my list of creepy things I will not be buying unless they are used purely for decorating on October 31st.

Eye Following Pictures: I have been to a few museums or antique shops where I saw an antique portrait that just screamed…CREEPY. It was usually black and white or a sepia tone {or more yellowed with age] and only included the persons face and upper body. There is something so powerful about eyes! I recall this one time I was poking around in the second storey of a shop when I found a row of oval portraits lined up at eye level. I began moving around a room on purpose to see if the eyes really gave me the impression they were following me – I didn’t stay upstairs too long and I did not leave with a portrait in hand.

Childs Play: I am not a huge fan of weathered and tattered baby dolls [from the earlier years] or children’s toy dolls in general. Some of the new age modern dolls aren’t as spooky.

Dolls are another thing that over time have gotten a bad rap for being wicked. There are stories out there about a tainted Raggedy-Ann doll and other dolls that may look sweet in nature but are apparently not. I say if you are buying a used dolly make sure it doesn’t have any ghostly qualities.

If you are looking to make your house the talk of the town this year [for Halloween] I highly suggest you wander near and far to find some of these bone chilling items above.

Keep your eyes on old surgical tools, fancy framed mirrors that are a bit smoky/foggy {maybe you will get a discount] and circus clown related novelties. When out and about don’t forget that you can easily find one of those mysterious looking portraits [of someone you don’t know] to hang on your wall and that old dolls can be made to look even more frightening with a little bit of help.




Sunday Feast of Spectacular Finds


“Remember when purchasing stuff to resell or keep 

it is about beauty;

being unique;

and serving a purpose.”



IMG_2388 Happy Sunny Sunday Readers,

Bright and early Saturday morning I had a plan to go to a garage sale in Vars, Ontario. I was surprised that on my way to the sale, only a 10 minute drive away, I came across more than I bargained for. Some wicked deals on vintage and antique items – big and small.

At a hidden garage sale up the street I found this dainty, gold rimmed plate as well as a colourful vintage business card holder. The plate could be used for serving tiny items. I got these items and a few other things [a plant holder and some woven hot plates] for between 10 cents-25 cents a pop. Not too shabby!  IMG_2401

I continued on my joyful journey to Devine Road and on the right side of the road [my road again, funny enough] spotted this free stand up dresser. I remember having one similar to this when I was a kid so it must be between twenty- thirty years old. The handles are a tell-tale sign. I lifted this into the truck as fast as I could boasting and ear to ear smile as I really need a dresser for my closet room here at the homestead.

Side Note: When I got home I was tightening all the handles on my free find and found a 1997 edition of MAD magazine in the drawer it was the Mars attacks edition. I ended up giving it to a friend who is super into comics and things of that nature. It retails online for anywhere between $4-$13 depending on the condition.

I finally made me way to the devine sale and purchased a new spinning three tier appetizer tray and a smaller rocking chair. The couple was moving a bit further into the country and were super cute. I got the rocking chair for around $18-$20 with the price of the tray factored in. Rocking chairs are always a good thing to buy used as they are pricey brand new. They also are amazing items for resale. Whether people have a cottage or front porch they are handy.IMG_2400

IMG_2389I headed home when a sign appeared out of no where for a big sale on Frank Kenny. The sale was a pile of precious items. I grabbed a few country chic towel stands, one super sturdy rocking chair, some hanging lights and a few other items including nifty vintage hot plates. I wanted to share that the hanging lights have really stunning pictures all around them. These caught my eye and would look fabulous in a heritage home.

I only spent $28 dollars! I was unsure if everything could fit in the little truck but I managed to shove it all in.

Some of this stuff I am keeping while others may go to an auction later in the month.

Hope you have an amazing rest of the weekend. I will keep you posted on my latest discoveries. P.S Sorry for going a little photo crazy today, I actually left quite a few out.


A little gift from Copenhagen

IMG_2346After two weeks of not getting the mail [don’t laugh but there were a few minor distractions since I moved in] I finally got my mailbox information and headed over yesterday after work to see what bills came in.

The rain was coming down and I was soaked after only momentarily stepping out of the truck. I turned the key and out came a nice sized rectangular box along with many sealed envelopes.

My best friend who is off having the time of her life [travelling all over the world] sent me a present from Copenhagen, Denmark. She went to this little antique shop in a neighbourhood called Vesterbro. The lady in the shop said that she had the shop for over 30 years and it felt like her whole life was in the shop. It made her think of me, so she purchased this special frame from the 1920’s. The back is covered in silk and the glass is gently warped. It actually got to me in one piece, which I am very happy about.

This adorable frame will be a great addition to my new home and the story she sent in the postcard with the gift was equally [if not nicer] than the gift itself. I always enjoy hearing about a piece and the person it comes from. Now I just got to find a photo to fit the frame.

I must skedaddle but on this Tuesday evening I just wanted to remind you how the story behind a piece can be just as thrilling as the piece itself.

Make sure to read up on Second-hand Gift Giving: Is It Okay to Give a Used Gift? Here my views and make your own judgement.

Good Night,