when cope turns to hope

The past few years have been super hard on most people. I think there have been some that have come out of it more prosperous and happy but I would say that is few, even if they have, they have likely seen the lives of friends and family members around them crumble.

Over a year into the pandemic I recall, I tried to put on my “coping hat” and deal but everything was just feeling, well h-o-p-e-l-e-s-s. This coming from a traditional eternal optimist. Literally, I always try to see the bright side and good/purpose in everything. However, this time I was so awake, the world around me (our future) making a comeback seemed nearly impossible.

I have been working hard to “cope” since August. I think that fear is not something to live by, it will never breed prosperity, people will not flourish in continuous fear. There are some short-term fear benefits I am sure that can be argued. But living in fear and uncertainty for long periods of time is just unhealthy.

I think the past few days have given me some spice in life that I needed for the first time in a while for me the cope is moving to hope. That is p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s. To heal is to make whole – health stems from that.

Read my past post on How to Heal.

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