How to heal

What I have been learning…

How to become healthy & happy again, it sounds like a feat, well because it is. But it is possible. If you feel like you have gone down a rabbit hole this year, never to emerge, do not worry, you are not alone. You can be lifted by the strength and courage that is you and see brighter days ahead again.

Putting this into practice:

You are what you think you are – is probably the most insightful thing that has been bestowed upon me. This year I have grown an appreciation for the power of your own thoughts and how inextricably linked the mind & body connection truly is. The less I think negatively, the more positive things are that come my way. The less I fret about things that are not in my control, the more I see my mind and body become healthier. Worrying all the time and holding bad stress is very debilitating. Some people say there is such a thing as good stress, that’s the stress that keeps us productive. I think the less useless things that weigh on your thoughts the better. Hence why the minimalism movement is becoming so popular.

Try your best to fix things within your control, I always say – at least this leaves me with a piece of mind, a sense of calm. A feeling that I did my best to resolve (help the situation) and some things will work themselves out on their own, at their own pace. Every path unfolds as it is meant to.

I believe we can heal ourselves from being treated poorly, mental anguish, bodily pain, loss/suffering of a loved one and events that may lead to a lack of security, safety and well-being. We can also mend our own broken heart (in most cases) with the power of our own thoughts. You become what you think about. Joy lies within you and the more you tune into it, the more you will heal your wounds whether superficial or internal. Well-being is within reach.

It is human nature to fight the things we do not want in our life – think about it, that is negative energy going towards something that is already negative. Instead take things you do not want and add your positive energy to them.

Do not add energy to what you do not want your life to be about. Energy flows, where you allow it to flow. Focus on the good you want to come to you, feeling healthy, happiness and living in abundance. Talk about what you want. Walk the talk! Understand some things you cannot control or change and all you can do is be your best in the moment, to give the space that allows it to flourish (or a situation to end how it is meant to). Leave yourself with a sense of closure knowing you did what you could, the universe has its own plan.

Focus on what it is you want to heal – in the most positive way. Design what you want your destiny to look like. Create the conditions whether that be surrounding yourself with more positive people, getting out in nature or putting other less important (than your health) things on the back burner. Put yourself in a state of mind that will allow you to get there by envisioning it (your destiny – what you what to achieve) clearly. What does being healed look like to you? Write it down. Getting better is gradual. Moving forward and healing for you may look like letting go of something and recovering from loss or an injury. It could also be attracting something new to your life. Open the door for greater days ahead.

Right now, I am doing something (writing) I love, I am not thinking about the troubles in my life, I am solely focused on taking my energy and releasing it to a better place today. Wishing you all the best on your healing journey. These things take time but with practice can come great stride and lots of good.

*These are my personal beliefs not to be mistaken for any medical advise.

2 thoughts on “How to heal

  1. Your writing couldn’t be more true to my own beliefs that I have had for years! Not stressing about things you can’t change or giving them any weight. I’ll give it thought and voice my concerns and then I just have to let it go. It doesn’t mean you don’t care, because in fact, you care very much🤗

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