election results 2020

Dear __________ (I am not sure what I should use as a salutation these days),

Take note of the amount of times I politically correct myself tonight. I ventured off into the sunset this evening to go pick-up some vintage coffee carafes. Don’t worry I used proper Covid-19/Corona Virus/Pandemic protocols.

I was very excited to bring them home shine them up, decorate them and fill them with coffee as Christmas gifts for some special people in my life. Yes, Christmas that holiday that I call Christmas instead of a holiday or another word to describe Christmas. I should also mention when I say, “shine them up” I will sanitize them for fear that as people are reading this there is concern for the well-being of those I want to give the coffee carafes to. When I say “people” I do not mean you precisely, I just mean to whomever feels, as they are reading this, that they (the carafes) should be sanitized.

While on my way, I decided to stop and get something at a grocer. I used to love grocery shopping, it was rather therapeutic for me. Thinking about what I was gonna eat, how I was gonna eat it etc. Now it has become an episode of how not to get yelled at, look at someone or walk the wrong way. I had a kerfuffle with a lady and bounced shortly thereafter forgetting most of the things I went there for in the first place.

I proceeded to my destination mask on, gloves on and grabbed my box of goodies. Before driving away, I stopped for a minute and had some deep thoughts, one in particular. Can I got back to the days of the vintage coffee carafe please?

Back to a time where things were more simple. I am afraid we have created so much structure for ourselves that all logic has gone out the window. Everything makes us tick! The stress over these election results and health matters are one thing but the stress we induce on one another, on a daily basis, is everything. Life was always complicated but have we managed to over complicate it? Our foundation feels broken.

Will we feel relief when the virus (or whatever you call it) goes away or becomes normal (whatever that means)? Will we be happy when the election results come in, or will be just become more angry? You decide, I decide, we all decide how we react.

Just a thought or two to percolate and warm up to.

~J Wishing you peace, love & happiness in this time of confusion. This piece was not intended to offend but to share my everyday life.

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