A time never lived

I guess the majority of my thoughts occur while in transport, travelling from point a to b.

I was listening to the radio and started thinking to myself, whats makes one artist more memorable than another? Why is it so many artists from the past remain a solid staple in history, while others come and go with little recognition. Is it the quality, quantity or what? What music of significance has shaped the last twenty years of my life? I am separating consistent catchy tune-makers from music icons, the greats.

Then my mind really started going, what furniture and clothing designers would be described having derived from this same period 2000-2019? IKEA, replica Teak, Shabby Chic, online shopping giant retailers?

I was feeling a bit confused…Were my teenage years til now a mash-up? A mix of modern, retro and antique all in one, replicating years the past to create a new overall style? It is strange to think that the significance of the 2000’s would be pulling pieces from other periods to create something but this appears to be what is happening. I could say this has always been the case but I don’t think so. Sure, time periods have influenced later decades but the revival of all things (music, fashion, decor etc.) has never been as great as now.

When technology innovation appears to be at an all time high you would think everything would be entirely different but items of popularity seem to have a gravitational pull towards the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. All the old shows (I watched originals of)  are even having reunion remakes, they call them comebacks. I have never seen so many radio channels dedicated to music from other generations. I can’t find a good pair of older Levis to save my life, why because they fly off shelves.

Is there a lack of creators, having the ability to create. Or perhaps we are moving backwards (to the old things) because they were better than what we have now for one or many reasons. Listen to the musical talent, look at the stitches in your clothes and the fabric on that chair. We want authentic, not synthetic and the proof is in the pudding.

A time I never lived is all around me and what I will do is continue to share quality in hopes more quality will come and shape the 2000’s as its own ground breaking time.

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