Finds to last a lifetime

Classic books from the 1970’s that will never go out of style

It was a sunny Saturday morning and with a coffee in hand, I entered a large suburban home estate sale. I was lost in a sea of old books, jewellery, tools and everything one could imagine.

Though not a mansion, the doors seemed endless as did the rooms with their neatly hobby specific set-ups. As I was looking through vintage gardening books I realized something…these types of houses will not exist forever. A space was dedicated to everything – gardening, sewing, reading, alcohol, you name it – it was there. Every piece of furniture was interesting, well made and held a history. Conversation items adorned the shelves and every nook & cranny. Closets were stacked with every container kept and reused over time.

Instead of getting sad about it, I decided I am going to organize my home, so thats what I did all Saturday night. I also took the time to marvel at some of the things I kept in my home for all these years.

Find the finds to last a lifetime and you won’t need to consume as much. Learn how to do things for yourself, turn that soil and your can conserve the planets resources. ~ Quote by me 

My dad can fix most anything, my mother wore the same clothes for 40 years straight and would not throw away anything of any value. My grandparents were frugal as heck!

As my twitter feed was blowing up with a climate strike notification this weekend, I thought to myself we can challenge the greater powers that be to make a change but we can also independently really remember the good we should take away from every generation that came both before and after us.

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