It’s holiday time!

Holiday Hours are on & so is the Record Player! I hope to see you.

P.S: Pop by the store this week (during open hours below) and put your name in the Piece and Quiet holiday draw for a “perfectly you prize”. I will hand-pick something for the winner based on their style. The winner of the draw will be announced on the 25th. *one entry per person, one winner for the contest 

MON (17): 4pm-8pm Erykah Badu will be on for Bohemian Night *Come check out the meditation & boho gear I am carrying from Nepal & from my travels.

WED (19): 7pm-9pm Wine Wednesday = you will find fun wine themed gifts/items for you on the floor *The Temptations & Def Leppard will be the music to your ears plus a surprise musical guest

FRI (21): 5pm-9pm…Elvis Night Out – only Elvis will leave the building late, if people shop longer 

SAT (22): 11am-2pm Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath lovers time

SUN (23) 4pm-8pm Relax and shop to Elton John & Blood Sweat and Tears

MON (24):11am-2pm Surprise sounds musical Monday

TUES (25): Closed

WEDS (26): Hours being confirmed

Also – if you do not find something put your name & # in my finds book and I will source what you are looking for.

Cheers ~ Julia

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