A Dogs Breakfast? Not with this Vintage Wrinkles Dog Tray!

Once a year, I get ready for this one sale. I clear the calendar as soon as my local newsletter tells me this sale is a go. It’s a country sale where you pay $10 to get in but you can take whatever you want. Also known as the best day ever!

Kid in a candy store type emotions and looks fill the room. Surprisingly this isn’t like Walmart on Black Friday, people aren’t greedy, however they definitely move swiftly especially those grabbing the electronics.

It was the BIG day and the first thing I grabbed was two retro 1980’s Wrinkles dogs trays (1981, 1984) by Ganz a Canadian toy company that currently appears to focus on heritage collections.

Even though I was born in 1985, these trays called out to me, I totally remembered these dogs. These trays brought me back to a time when my parents would set-up the TV tables and we would eat dinner while watching The Simpsons on a Sunday night. These metal TV trays have a nice stand which is totally handy.

The trays are more rare than the stuffies and a pair in good condition could fetch likely $60 though it really depends on finding the right buyer. Wrinkle dog stuffed toys and puppets are still around and sell for around $25-$30 each.

Wanna have a smile? Check YouTube for a 1980’s Wrinkles Commercial, its THE BEST. Whether you like toys, hounds or history this find is just a joyful treat for ones lap.

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

~Mark Twain

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