Do it up real nice with Americana Decor

Hey there,


T.G.I.F!!!! I wanted to share something special with you guys tonight. Good paint!

I got a used bar/pub table last night with 3 chairs. I really liked the chair design (seen in before table photo in distance) and it was $80 for all since there were some cup stains on the table and scratches throughout the pieces.

I bought some paint a while ago and hadn’t tried it out yet – its called Americana® DECOR™ and I found it at Walmart in the paint area.

I got the Chalky Finish in a few different colours. It was under 15 bucks and though the jars are little, the coverage/jar is really great.


It took only 30 minutes to dry after applying a light coat and I did a second coat.

Within an hour I have transformed these recycled goods. I am still working on the chairs but almost done.



I decided to redecorate the living room so will send you photos of all my new vintage & antique finds later next week. I will also show you the finished set.

I hope you have a nice weekend and try this stuff sometime! In case you go shopping here is the stuff to look for <to the left


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