Does this antique map lead to treasure?

How this $20 thrift store find started an adventure!

I once heard a story about a man who found a map at a thrift store and became an instant millionaire. The map showed something that had never been seen on any on other map before. In the back of my mind I never have forgot this and there has always been a sense of “map finding envy” in the air. That was until the other day…

I was leaving my top thrift store last weekend when I noticed behind a cash there was a giant framed map. The lady said it was for sale because someone just returned it.

I thought perhaps someone had the same idea as me and thought, man this could be valuable [but it wasn’t] or they brought it home to their wife and she said that isn’t my thing. The fun thing is I don’t care – sometimes not knowing is the best part.

I will let you know if my map is all that! I am going to inspect it with a fine tooth comb.





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