Rehab? Yes, Yes, Yes – Share This Video With the World

Dear Vintage + Antique Friends & Family,

I would like to see how far this rehab awareness video (recreated) can go.

Please share my video on your Facebook, Twitter or like the Video on You Tube and write a comment if you can.

YouTube Video Link and Access –

Find me on Twitter-

With one share, together, we can really spread the message:

  • Reasons why you may not seek help
  • Why you should seek help
  • What you may need
  • How rehab may help

Some of the best people die young and it is avoidable. This is a cover for the Amy Winehouse Foundation BACKTOBLACK10 competition.

I am very passionate about this topic since I lost someone very close to me recently because they did not seek help. I want to spread the word via sharing this video, my voice and personal thoughts with the world.

Amy Winehouse had such powerful music that will be in my collection forever.

Thank you for caring & sharing,



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