Antique Owner Popular Questions – Round 1

ID-10057861Dear Readers,

Happy Hump Day!

I have started to notice when out and about that I get asked a few of the same questions – so I thought tit was time to answer and post my general feedback.

Popular Questions:

  1. I have multiple items that are Antique’s (or Vintage) how can I easily go about getting appraisal’s for them?
  2. I have a bunch of valuable items in my home that I want to sell and have appraised but I am unable to load/lift items myself outside of my home?

I would say you have a three options based on my experience/knowledge:

1. The first is you can hire a local content/estate sale company to appraise and sell your stuff for you (by having a content sale in your home) – this requires minimal work on your part but would cost you money to hire a company. Also if you don’t have much stuff – this route is likely not the way to go. This is more if you have many things. Example: As many things as a large garage sale (items could fill approximately 3 rooms in your home) at the least.
2. Secondly you can try and connect with a local auction house/ auction company and see if they have a recommended appraiser on-site. Some auction companies will connect you with someone to advise if your items are worth selling at their auction. Ex. If you have fine arts you would look for a Fine Arts Auction. Some of them will go to your house to inspect and I am sure could facilitate the removal of items for you for a small fee.

3. Another option (follow steps 1-4 below)

1. Take good (clear) photos of all your antique and vintage items you wish to sell. Take photos of any stamps or identifying markers on the objects as well to indicate their origin, history and value.

2. Go to Google and search for these companies (mentioned above) in your area Example Auction Company Ottawa Ontario

3. Once you found some reputable providers (look at google reviews etc)- give them a call and discuss.

4. To be safe, advise you can send them (via email) photos of your items to validate if they are worth putting in their next auction or if it is worth holding a contents sale. *I would make sure they are very reliable before sending them your home address. Once you call/email they will know you have valuables in your residence so just make sure you they are legit.

If you do some research on the auction or content sale companies and they have good websites as well as solid contact information listed – you should be fine but it does not hurt to read company reviews on Google or elsewhere.

I hope my thoughts help to bring you closer to where you want to be.

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