The Lachute Flea Market & Indoor Antique Mall

Good Morning Readers,

So…after much anticipation I finally went to the Lachute Flea Market & Indoor Antique Mall in Lachute Quebec.

It took a little over an hour to get there from Ottawa (ON) but I would say it is definitely worth the drive. Also along the way there are many other antique places you can hit up.

This place is great for your average antique fanatic, garage sale lover and the kind of person that likes those new flea market sale items like discount socks, shoes and kitchen knives. Based on my experience the prices on most items were not low enough to buy & sell – to flip a profit.

Most of the inventory is outside garage sale style or in storage lockers so if you go at least give yourself a solid two hours to look around.

I found this charming used kitchen pot holder. It is not quite vintage but has some rustic charm to it. Hopefully next time I stumble upon a few ultra cool antiques.

Apparently the day to go to this market is Tuesdays!!! Don’t forget to bring $4 bucks for parking this place gets packed in the early hours.

If you check it out please let me know what you think and send me a picture of what you found.

Have a great hump day!


4 thoughts on “The Lachute Flea Market & Indoor Antique Mall

  1. Love reading your posts. For those into vintage, a visit to Hoffmans Antique and Flea Market on Gore Street in Perth (50 minute drive from Ottawa) is a must. Vintage clothing and accessories is also specialized in a 2nd floor booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street (only a 35 minute drive from Ottawa).

  2. I have multiple items that are Antique’s and I also have a Kitchen Canister set that is Vintage, My question is where do I start to get appraisal’s for everything?? I have recently moved and now live in Sarasota, Florida and have no clue who to call to have them come to my apartment to see my items. I need help in trying to find someone that can come to my apartment as I’m disabled and can’t take a chance in removing anything from my place as some are Extremely breakable so if anyone has any ideas of where I can get started please email me at Thanks and Have a Blessed Night/Day.

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