Antique & vintage shop – your thoughts please

ID-10075443Dear Readers,

I found a lovely place this month that is very suitable as an antique & vintage shop – it is an old fire hall.

I would not buy it but could rent it out monthly for a year or more to test the market in my area – in the country.

Curious to hear from you what your thoughts are on shopping locations. Where do you shop for antiques and vintage items?

  1. Small towns?
  2. In the big city?
  3. Suburbs?

Would you drive 20 minutes out of town (5 minutes off a main City road) to find “that perfect find” or no?

Feel free to send me an email to and let me know what you think.

I plan to hold some awesome themed nights/events so know this shop would be worth the drive but always like to seek feedback from others  – that are into this stuff.

I appreciate your feedback & support. Take care and I hope August treats you right!



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