Why not rehome a wood table today?

IMG_7192Dear Readers,

I came across a free vintage table a few days ago on the online classified ads and was able to pick it up today. The lady mentioned it was a broken harvest table however I did not care if it wasn’t on all four legs. It is actually shorter than the traditional harvest table.

I wanted to use it make some rustic wooden shelves for my newly redecorated living room and hallway upstairs. I know what to do with everything but the legs so plan to come up with something neat for those too. I will keep you posted!

When looking to repurpose items always look at the the three c’s; cost, condition and creative possibilities.

COST: Does it cost more than its really worth? Is it worth fixing it up or altering it? If its free you usually can’t lose!
CONDITION: Has it been well cared for and stored properly? Is the damage easily fixed?
CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: What can you really do with the piece to maximize its potential? Think about this carefully before starting any demolition or modifications.

I hope you get into the practice of rehoming vintage gems real soon.

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