Warm Evening, Worthwhile Finds

IMG_7063Dear Readers,

I did something mean (but fair) tonight…

I was driving in a nearby neighbourhood when I saw a real quaint wooden bench on the side of the road. I pulled right over and ran across the street to grab it.

Meanwhile a women and her man friend pulled over to pick it up as well. I usually don’t do this but I literally had my hands on it first and said…I am going to take this.

There have been a few instances where this has happened to me “the same time shuffle” I call it but I have let the other person have the item in the past. They have always seemed some ungrateful to date, so this time I stuck to my guns, the first to the picker finish line wins the race. I am going to stain this old piece and turn it into something special.

I kept driving home and since it’s garbage night did a little tour. Within a minute I found 10 or so aged (RUSTIC) tomato cages. This is great because I got lots of plants that need to stand a little straighter. I kept in mind these can be used for other plants too or perhaps could be sprayed and brought to life again with a non-toxic paint. Time to grow some more greens!

I was on a high so didn’t end the night there, I did a little circle around my local streets and found not one but two vintage sewing machines, including one Singer brand machine. S-C-O-R-E!!! I am keeping one for fun and going to give the other away. I just think they have such amazing craftsmanship.

All this to say:

it is nice to be nice but sometimes you have to be fair &

anything old can be new again if you look at it with fresh eyes and an open mindset.



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