Antiques & Animal Exposure

elephantsR.I.P HARAMBE (17 Year Old Western Lowland Silver-Back Gorilla) – Cincinnati Zoo 

This post was inspired by recent events and people relaying that all zoos are bad zoos and serve no purpose.

When I was a child I grew up with no money to travel, never went to Africa or anywhere I wanted to go. Even as an adult I struggle to find the extra income to go off and see all the beautiful animals of the world in their natural habitat.

If it were not for zoos, I do not think that elephants would be my favourite animal, nor do I think that I would have ever seen one (in person) in my lifetime so far.

I am learning right now about the ivory trade because of my work in antiques and because of my love of elephants have become a strong advocate against the sale of items using animal parts for profit.

I would say that what occurred (at the Cincinnati Zoo) is tragic but the pro to having zoos is that they are not only used as a educative piece but give exposure to many people that otherwise may not have the opportunity (to view these animals and creatures) which in the end may assist with developing a larger following of animals lovers in the world.

A child falling into a cage at the zoo is one part a parental observation problem, one part child not listening (likely) problem and a one part zoo does not have proper measures or security in place problem. Secondly a series of people screaming problem (and worrying the gorilla) and a quick decision making moment – wrapped up into one unfortunate scenario.

I am upset about what happened but I would still say that zoos serve a purpose even though some could for sure be better managed. I understand “the cons” of the zoo but was feeling the need to share one big pro. Love elephants as much as I do, check out my past elephant posts:

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