Smooth Like Butter

IMG_6955Dear Readers,

I had a “gotta have it” moment today! I don’t get those too often these days…

On the way to see my mom & dad this afternoon I came across a big country garage sale. I snagged this Antique Wortman and Ward Butter Churn for $31.75 – it was all the change I had on me and the seller accepted it. It was a lovely transaction and the homeowner had one of the nicest properties (and vintage lawn decor) I have seen for a while.

This showpiece is a revolving barrel-style butter churn and was manufactured in London, Ontario. Gotta love good old Canadian antiques!

Butter Churns can also be called a Dairy Swing Churn or Creamery. On average they sell IMG_6956for between $100-$150 depending on the condition and size. The one I got is a little smaller. Interestingly enough some of the bigger, more impressive ones sell for up to $450.

If you are looking for one of these for lawn decor or your home make sure you…

  1. Pull off the lid and take a look at the condition of the inside of the barrel
  2. Ensure all the rings are around the exterior of the barrel. If they are not all there perhaps you can bargain the price a little more. More often then not they may be missing one.
  3. Check out the handle and take it for a test run/turn
  4. Check for manufacturing details on the bottom of the barrel and more details on the front of the stand/holder

IMG_6957I believe many of the Wortman and Ward Butter Churns came about in the 1890’s – early 1900’s but I am still doing some investigative research.

Regardless if you can pick these up at a good price they would make for a good quick flip item or household treasure.


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