Call Me Sap-py! How to Make Shelves With Vintage Flair

My new buckets! Some vintage, some newer...
My new buckets! Some vintage, some newer…

Last Saturday afternoon I spent some time at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm – it was a grand old time.

Not only did I eat a mouth-watering brunch, I wandered into the sugar shack, made friends with a gentle donkey and took a look in the main store.

In the Stonehouse Gift & Maple Shoppe, I came across a really neat idea to use vintage old galvanized maple sap buckets to create one stunning wall shelf.

Funny enough after the farm tour, I thought to myself when on earth will I find these buckets, the idea left my head until the next day…

Awesome shelf idea!!!
Awesome shelf idea!!!

One of the last vendors I visited on Sunday at McHaffie’s Flea Market was selling these buckets for $5 each – I bought seven and as I was driving home thought that may not be enough. What was I to do? As I was driving through Williamsburg, ON I noticed some sap buckets sitting point blank outside (on the side of the road) of an antique shop called, Green Triangle Design.

I totally pulled over and grabbed two of them for $4 each – to add a pop of colour and allow me to go on my merry shelf-making way. The owner of that antique & collectibles store, Pam French is super friendly and not only works the shop but she makes maple syrup. Go figure! I will be sure to post my final shelf once it’s done!

Maple syrup is fantastic, shelving is really useful and repurposing things is a big goal of mine – all and all a good end to the weekend. Stay tuned for some really interesting finds and pricing to go with them.

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