Schiffer – The Claudia Schiffer of Book Publishing

IMG_6720Take a break tuesdays presents,

A new found resource with a ton of gumption!

In my package with my antique course contents I got a really rad, glossy catalogue I wanted to share with you. It was the 2015 Schiffer Publishing Catalogue for the following:


In the Antiques & Collectibles section (starting on Page 70) they feature tons of interesting and informative reads from Clock & Watch Companies 1700s-2000s to Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogue.

IMG_6722Some of my personal favourite mentions are Jeans of the Old West a look at the era of Old West Denim and 1000 Hats profiling museum quality head toppers.

More over this catalogue presented most anything an antique or vintage enthusiast would desire. Vintage toys, Antique furniture, Pottery – you name it theres a sizeable listing of resources in there.

Looking for a book? Use this as your guide and I am sure you will find something to please your eyes and brain.

IMG_6724Take a look at the e-catalogue here or visit the Schiffer Books website .

It is so exciting to see how many speciality books are out there in circulation. Love it!


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