IMG_6386A great friend of mine got me a wicked beaded wallet a while back while she was on a vacation blitz, unfortunately it met its demise today.

I was sad that it was time to let it go but quickly recalled grabbing a classic wallet or two in a lot of estate sale stuff last year. Out of the entire lot I only kept a few things for myself and the rest of the items I parted with.

This vintage 1967 Rolfs leather, mustard yellow wallet is so freakin rad. It not only has ample storage inside but boasts an overall real posh look.

The same design but in a coin purse/wallet in mint IMG_6387condition is selling for around $35-39US which leads me to believe I could fetch $50-60US should I wish to sell the larger wallet.

It’s staying with me but that doesn’t stop you from searching out your own Rolf leather bag.

When shopping second hand always take a peak inside bags, purses and wallets to find either the designer label or an indicator. Sometimes the indicators are printed more faintly within, certainly different than your now-a-days so apparent tag.


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