Antiques & A Can of Worms

IMG_6228Have you ever bought one antique [or thing] and it opened a can of worms? Not in a bad way, it just triggered you to buy more great things? That’s what just happened to me…

A week ago I was searching the net for a headboard for my bed and I ended up finding a stunning antique bed frame. The frame was solid wood and the ornate lines made me instantly fall in love with it.IMG_6216

It turned out once I arrived for the viewing there was a dresser and a wash stand for sale as well. I bought the whole package and redesigned my whole room in somewhat of a Moroccan style over the past few days.

Some things to consider when you love vintage & antique and want to redesign on a budget:

Visit the Habitat for Humanity restore or a place like it in your own community. You get used home reno supplies for nearly half the price or less. I found out about this place one day as I was digging though a curb pile of free stuff, the homeowner came out and mentioned the restore to me. I appreciated the great tip as I had never been and now I am a huge fan.

IMG_6225I got a shabby-chic wood bedroom door and managed to find an antique set of knobs that fit it like a glove [it even has the old school lock area], in total they cost me $80 at the Restore.

I also found wicked vintage knobs and pulls for the dresser since the ones it had were broken or missing. I only spent $10 for the ones on the dresser. I also got a vintage vent for the wall as the one there was not so sexy.

Only buy paint in the mis-tints section! I found this beige (with a purple undertone paint) for $10 for a huge can. I spent more on the can of paint for the other bold wall but at least overall saved some dough. I needed to paint the entire room and rid it of the sunshine yellow walls. I will always recommend mis-tints.IMG_6229

The bedspread is not designer it is from Walmart but was under $100 and a great deal. Plus who doesn’t love bed in a bag, everything you could need all there in one nice package. I don’t buy used bedding, underwear or swimsuits but definitely by used fabric table mats and decorative pillows. All the pillows and tables toppers/mats in the room are from Value Village and garage sales. Save the money and get used pillows – you will save a bundle. They almost all retail for $15-30 bucks a pop these days.

Get Creative! I did not need a wash stand but thought to myself IMG_6234that it could make a superb necklace holder and storage unit in the bedroom. It had potential and I was able to give it a new life!

Know where to go? Pictures and decorative knick knacks are usually pricey in store, always buy these used. I spent about $5 on some candleholders, candles, wall art, and jewellery boxes at a garage sale. It makes the space more “you” but really doesn’t need to cost much.

IMG_6237Don’t feel like your the only one who starts these little home projects that end up costing a little more money and taking a bit more time than anticipated. I never think of it like that anymore –

It always feels good to find that one piece that motivates you to do something new and different.

I quite like antiques. I like things that are old and the history they bring with them. I would rather fly to Morocco on an $800 ticket and buy a chair for $300 than spend $1,100 on one at Pottery Barn.

~Walton Goggins




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