Spend nothing and get everything

Vintage and shabby chic furniture and accessories are all the rage these days and I keep seeing people running out to stores to buy things that “look second hand” but are indeed new.

You heard it here – there is no need to pay an arm and a leg for unique looking things when you can find them for free.

I am going to do some myth busting right now! Hope you enjoy my hump day rant and save a few dollars on your next fabulous find(s).

IMG_5891Myth 1: Rugs cannot be salvaged and used ones are gross:

I found this well aged rug on the side of the road this week. I brought it home and I laid it outside in the shape of a triangle over some chairs. I then sprayed it all over with some pet stain carpet/fabric cleaner, even though there were no stains I wanted to make it smell nicer, use a gentle solution and really get it looking new again. I let it sit in the sun all day long after taking the hose to it on the softer setting. I brought it inside then the next day put it back out again to really air it out. I love this rug its so different and rather captivating. It’s not like I lick it, I walk on it, so reused rugs works for me.

Myth 2: Old cabinets and hutches require a ton of work to bring them back to life again.

I am a huge fan of the table runner and table mats and using them to disguise used furniture that I am not in the mood to fix up yet. If there is paint chipping off just use a scrapper until it stops peeling and leave it IMG_5860as is. If the top of the item has some cup marks or scratches just place a runner or mat on top. Second hand stores like Value Village have really hip small & large table toppers that are real cheap, like $1.99 each. Mix & Match and have some fun with it. If you find solid furniture for cheap that has potential don’t pass it up, play it up. I will show you some of my runners and mats in an upcoming post. I scrapped this free find down and am going to top it off this week

Myth 3: Used/Vintage couches are full of germs etc. It is better to always buy new!

pizap.com14364056349601I never buy new couches anymore! They are so darn expensive and lets face it “shit happens” especially when you have animals roaming the house. I got this Lazy Boy Large Loveseat Pull-Out tonight for $20. It came from a pet-free, smoke-free house and is in great shape. I asked the guy about bed bugs in his building, if it had ever been soiled and how many owners it had. That is all I needed to know! I am keeping this one as is but its not to say if you get a used couch you cant get new covers for it or have it upholstered. New couches have that new couch smell which smells like chemicals to me and they aren’t broken it yet. I will take a few germs I can vacuum up over spending $600 any day.

Myth 4: Decorating is expensive!

It does not need to be expensive! Go to a garage sale or two and have a IMG_5881field day. I enjoy taking things like vintage plates and using them as dishes to put things in or putting them on display. You can get 5 plates for $10 or so and use them for different things.

Old bottles can be used as vases and most things can really be repurposed. I like to look at things outside the box- what is this supposed to be and what can this be when I am done with it.

I hope you look at things with a different eye next time you are on the prowl. I just furnished and dolled up my entire living room for $35 couch and all. Photo to follow!






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