There’s a mouse in my house – Tips for keeping clean while digging deep

Over the past few years I have dived deep into barns, put myself through the “what was that I just touched test” and battled through wasps nests to find hidden treasures – this past weekend was the real…check what you get deal.

I got a free cabinet that I brought home on Saturday and what was in it you ask? Old dog food, utensils, dog toys, mouse poop and even…a really dead tiny mouse. I must have cleaned that thing for hours! It was luckily outside while I made this discovery so there is no mouse in my house but it was a close call.

When on the journey for free things remember these tips before while on the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt. There is no point of getting too dirty if you do not have to!

Inspect the exterior, interior and check the sturdiness of the object from top and bottom. Make sure you know all the flaws/faults of what you are bringing home. Always have the following dig deep items on you to ensure success:

-Gloves (work gloves for heavy duty lifting and cleaning gloves for that finer touch ability)

-Hand Sanitizer (for those you never know moments)

-Tie Downs & Bungie Cords (all shapes and sizes, stabilize your finds neatly don’t make charlotte’s web)

-Yoga mat (great for fragile finds like mirrors and keeps items cleaner and more secure during transport etc.)

-Measuring tape (will it fit or wont it fit in your vehicle? No sense doing all the heavy lifting if its not worthy)

– Screwdriver (with different bits in case you need to undo anything, this makes for a better put back together situation and your hands will get less dirty for many reasons ex. trying to undo greasy or rusts screws)

-Water (because searching and moving can be tiresome and you may need to use it to clean yourself in some way shape or form)

-Pen & paper or phone (to write addresses down if you need to go back for something or get homeowners details if they put something aside – allows you to drive off with less of a mess if you can go back for things you aren’t trying to jam pack your ride)

Have a blast next time you are on the road again.

3 thoughts on “There’s a mouse in my house – Tips for keeping clean while digging deep

    1. Thanks so much! The little mouse must of went in for the dog food and couldn’t get out. At least he/she had a full belly! I have some more fun posts coming up so come back to hear more tips and crazy adventures soon. Have a great day!

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