Dinner & Antique Dessert

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

This evening I spent a few hours after work hanging out in a neighbourhood I do not often frequent. I hit up a restaurant on the main drag but parked a few streets over on a residential street. Around 7pm I got in my truck and began the drive home, I turned one street to the left and without a moments thought pulled over. There was a massive pile of antique furniture on the side of the road so big it could furnish an entire home. What I like to call “Antique Dessert” or the caramel (I don’t like cherries) on my sundae. Dressers, small tables, wood magazine holders, chairs, rugs, old brooms and a country chic hutch were just the beginning. I saw two ladies in the distance and yelled out, is this all free? That was the start of an hours long interesting conversation with them both. I was moved by the stories behind all the pieces and was told they were being given away result of closing down two cottages. A whole lot of memories and history filled the driveway. The individuals I met really made me think about how it is not so much the “physical belonging” or “actual item” that matters but the moments in time they were apart of and the emotions they still invoke.
I didn’t end up grabbing anything tonight but will be going back tomorrow with boots on and tie downs in hand.
Tonight I took away more than physical belongings that will have a new home, in my home as of tomorrow, I realized that everyone and everything has a story and most times the two are connected.

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