How to Revamp a Lamp Fast

pizap.com14357876098301If there are two things I like to save, it’s time and money!

Are you in a crunch and can’t find that perfect lamp to finish off a space? Or do you have a lamp that needs some TLC?

I was in this particular dilemma a few weeks ago when I got a whole room ready to go and was missing a single floor lamp. I couldn’t find anything to match my style. I had a quick chat with my parents which ended in me taking home their old-school gold floor lamp. For reference older floor lamps can easily be found at secondhand stores for $10 and under.

IMG_5848Looking for an amazing fool-proof spray paint for lamps? I used Krylon Interior/Exterior in a medium brown and only required one good coat. I waited 15 minutes for it to dry then I used Tremclad Hammered Indoor/Outdoor spray paint (in brown hammer) on top a little more sparingly. I allowed for a little bit of the gold lamp to show through.IMG_5839

*Make sure to put some cardboard under the base of the lamp and use the sprays outdoors or where there is good ventilation.

IMG_5840I was astonished at how easy the makeover was and how great the lamp looked.  I unfortunately do not have the before photo just wanted to share my latest spray finds for lamps. I got these sprays for free from a lady but I am sure they can be found at your local Canadian Tire or Home Hardware.

Way better than spending $50-$75 on a new lamp without the shade.

Have fun and spray on!


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