Canada’s Second-Hand Shocker

pendalumDid you know the second-hand market contributes 34 billion dollars to the  Canadian economy?

I was astonished to hear this number today and quantify how our economy benefits from recycling second-hand items.

People are really starting to tap into the practice of buying and selling their items. I remember growing up in a time where everyone wanted shiny and new and buying used was not super marketed and openly discussed.

We partake in second hand selling and shopping but likely do not think about the overall impact it has on the shopping statistics. Whether its baby gear, clothing, furniture or entertainment related equipment and goods we are always on the hunt for a bargain or to offload our current inventory for a little extra moola.

Super amazing to hear this news and see how our provinces are contributing to a greener planet. I am trying to buy a used gazebo this month, what used item are you on the hunt for?

I saw this statistic on an advertisement on Kijiji this morning and also took a peak at their cool Second-Hand Economy Index. If you are liking this topic, read more here.


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